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Here, members of this community will find information pertaining to various aspects affecting those residents within the described neighborhoods in the side bar on the left. Community meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month, starting @ 7:00 PM, at the Tacoma Police Sub-station at the corner of Northshore Prkwy. & Norpoint Way. All are welcome to attend and participate in issues affecting our community. Should our community member visitors have suggestions for constructive input, please contact the webmaster (see bottom of page). Thank you!

Board Members: 

Elections for new officers of the NETNC Board took place at the January 18th organizing meeting held at the Tacoma Police precinct building next to the Norpoint Community Center. The new board members are as follows:

John Thurlow – Co-chair, Carolynn Edmonds – Co-chair, Jim Philp – Vice Chair, Karen Pischel – Treasurer, Jon Higley – Secretary 

NE Tacoma Survey – Please Participate!

A NETNC team prepared the survey that the City mailed to all 7000+ NE Tacoma postal customers on our behalf on December 26th. Many NE Tacomans received the survey in their mail on the 27th. As of Monday, January 5th, more than 120 had responded on paper, and more than 130 through the Survey Monkey version, and we thank them for sharing their needs and expectations with the community. We hope to have a broad representation across NE Tacoma residents, so please take a few moments to respond to the short questions with your thoughts and ideas about improvements needed in NE Tacoma to enhance safety and the quality of life overall. We’ll keep collecting paper returns, and leave the Survey Monkey version open to the end of January.

Drop paper returns off at the TPD NE substation with a volunteer, at the Center at Norpoint front desk, or at the Browns Point Ace hardware. You can mail them, with taped edges and first-class postage, to NE Tacoma Neighborhood Council, PMB 222,1000 Browns Point Town Center, Ste. 180. The Survey Monkey address is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5F3PG7G.

The NETNC Executive and Planning Committees have already begun to analyze the results. Besides publishing highlights in upcoming NET News issues, we are planning a public meeting in March or April with knowledgeable public officials participating to discuss issues raised in the survey and provide a forum for
additional input. This input will shape NETNC priorities for the coming two years and inform our planning for a longer time.

From NETNC sources

Public Participation Invited in Metro Parks’ Budget Process

Following Board elections at the November 20th community meeting, NETNC will elect Board officers at the January 15th community meeting. Candidates must be Board members (listed in the directory on p. 4). Nominations are open until the meeting. To date, the current officers have all volunteered to serve another year:

Co-Chair: Carolyn Edmonds
Co-Chair: John Thurlow
Secretary: Jon Higley
Treasurer: Karen Pischel
Corresponding Secretary: open (affords a low time-commitment way to participate in NETNC leadership – please contact Carolyn Edmonds, carolyn.edmonds@comcast.net, 253.952.0301, if you are interested)

From NETNC sources

FISH Food Bank Is at BP United Methodist Church

This is a reminder to let friends and neighbors who are in need of food assistance know that the weekly FISH Food Banks food bank Friday afternoons from 4:30pm to 6pm is now at the Browns Point United Methodist Church (5339 BP Blvd.). Recent experience shows a growth to 12-18 NE Tacoma families getting needed help from the service. Please help get the word out! Donations of either non-perishable food, kitchen/baby supplies, or money are gratefully accepted. Money donations are very valuable: FISH can provide $7 worth of food for each $1 donated!

You can find out more about FISH Food Banks at: www.fishfoodbanks.org.

TV Tacoma January Highlights

From TV Tacoma (www.tvtacoma.org)

Some January neighborhood-oriented programming highlights include:

• artTown: documentary-style exploration of Tacoma's emergence as a major creative hub in the PNW

• Business Matters: Pacific Malting and Brewing, Word Clouds & Analytics, Mandelin’s Consignment, UWT Bookstore, Business Books, eTc Tacoma T-shirts

• CityLine: weekly call-in that puts you in touch with activities, events, and services in our City. January 15 features Neighborhood Council 2014 in review.

• Inside Tacoma presents elected officials: Mayor Marilyn Strickland, City Councilmember Robert Thoms (Dist. 2: NE Tacoma, Tideflats, Downtown)

• Tacoma Report: Happenings in the community, City services and programs

• Urban Green: Alta Planning and Design, Washington Conservation Corps help on open spaces, tips for a successful picnic, Tacoma Rainiers, and recycling at home

• Special Presentations: Tacoma 2025 visioning, Horizons 2014 (Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce)

• Programming on “Northwest Indian News” and VA News, among other topics

• City Council, Civil Service Board, and Public Utilities Board meetings (some broadcast only, City Council can be watched on-line - works on your mobile, as
well!). TV Tacoma is available on Click! and Comcast on channel 12 (21 in Pierce County). If you can’t watch live, you can watch archived shows on your cable video-on-demand service or on the website (www.tvtacoma.org). Choose from Regular Programs, Special Presentations, and Meeting Coverage in the list on the left.

From TVTacoma.org

Metro Parks Always Has Interesting Things Going On!

The good way to find out what’s up at the Center at Norpoint and around the Metro Parks circuit is to look in the current Go Guide. You can download a copy at: http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/calendar-events/, or pick one up at the Center at Norpoint. Note that Norpoint offers Silver Sneakers programs. Several health care programs offer free memberships; check them out on the web page.

You can also scroll through the upcoming event calendar at: http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/calendarlook for events at Norpoint, as well as in many of the wonderful MPT facilities.

From Metro Parks and NETNC sources

Middle and High-School Students Get Easier Tacoma Libraries Access

Tacoma’s two largest learning institutions have partnered to give middle and high school students increased access to the city’s public libraries. Beginning mid-January, Tacoma Public Schools’ 15,000 secondary students can use their school identification cards to check out books, use research tools and access other services at all Tacoma Public Library branches and at home.

“The Pathway pilot project stemmed from many conversations between the library and the school district as to how we can expand our existing partnerships to better meet the needs of Tacoma’s students,” explained Library Director Susan Odencrantz. “While a library card is free for all city residents, this partnership removes obstacles that could prevent a student from getting a library card (such as the lack of a photo identification card). The Pathway pilot program provides library access to every middle and high school in the district. They have access to information databases, books, interactive homework help and live tutoring and, while at the library, free internet.”

Tacoma’s project uses students’ school identification cards instead of separate library cards. Other features of this year-long pilot project, called Pathway, include the ability of students to:

• Borrow five library items at a time

• Use computers with internet access at the library

• Receive free online homework tutoring in English and Spanish

• Access downloadable books and other educational resources

“We’re excited to see how this partnership will increase our students’ use of a broad range of reading and research material that support their academic achievement and college preparedness,” said Amanda Scott-Thomas, TPS director of Community Partnership, Academic Equity and Achievement. “And it’s an added bonus that these resources are available in a safe place for students to study after school.”

All secondary students will automatically be enrolled in this program and be able to use their school ID card to access library services.

From Tacoma Public Schools

DRAFT NETNC Board Meeting Minutes: 20 November 2014, 7pm, TPD Substation

Board Members Present: Hayes Alexander, Susan Baldwin, Arill Berg, Lois Cooper, Carolyn Edmonds, Ken Fengler, Dick
Hayek, Jim Philp, Karen Pischel, John Thurlow, Patti Warwick, Marion Weed (quorum) Excused: Jim DeJung, Don Halabisky

7pm: CALL TO ORDER and Agenda: Carolyn Edmonds, Co-Chair

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: September 2014 minutes deferred

TREASURER’S REPORT: Karen Pischel, Treasurer – 31Oct14 in November-December NET News (e-mail distribution) – oral summary accepted.


• Turkey Trot: November 27, 9am, Center at Norpoint (see MPT materials or NET News for details)
• Board Executive Committee and Planning Committee meeting: December 4th, 6:30pm, TPD NE substation
• Julia’s Gulch work party: Saturday, December 13th, 9am noon – gather at Viewpoint Park with tools: check www.juliasgulch.org
• NO December NETNC community meeting
• Board Executive Committee and Planning Committee meeting: January 8th, 6:30pm, TPD NE substation (note changed week)
• Julia’s Gulch work party: Saturday, January 10th, 9amnoon – gather at Viewpoint Park with tools: check www.juliasgulch.org
• Board annual planning workshop, Saturday, January 24th , 8:30-noon, (tent.)

• Tacoma Fire Dept.: Asst. Chief Pat talked about seasonal issues: deep fry turkeys out of doors (the hot oil can flash into flame), and install carbon
monoxide (CO) monitors, and have no open fires (even charcoal) in the house. There have been a rash of arson fires around Tacoma. Responding to having a CPR/AED class in NE Tacoma, he asked to be contacted (he’s the Fire Marshall) to arrange the 2-4-hour class. He advised older couples that first get the female partner training – the male partners go first. He recommended participating in community meetings about the Tideflats Emergency Response/Intelligent transportation System (ER/ITS) study that many stakeholders in the city are participating in.
• Tacoma Police Dept.: Our new Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Brandon Showalter, introduced himself, and gave some background on his police experience - he’s been with TPD for ~15 years, and has been patrolling NE Tacoma for a while, now. He relayed the training on NE Tacoma issues that he’s received from our outgoing CLO, Helen Stieben. The group welcomed him enthusiastically.

1. Rebuilding Together South Sound opportunities for NE Tacoma: Alex Gilliom reviewed the kinds of services that RBTSS does and can provide to disabled, elderly, and low-income home-owners. She encouraged folks to apply for repairs and minor modifications either on the April Rebuilding Day (apply by December 1st), or for projects done during the year by picking up a form provided or to go to the website: http://rebuildingtogetherss.org/resources
2. READY! Set, Read-Tacoma: Mallerie Kost, Communities in Schools. Kost reviewed the opportunities for adults to volunteer to read to and with elementary school pupils.
3. NETNC Annual Report Brainstorm: Participants called out 2014 accomplishments and goals for 2015. These were captured for further discussion in
the 2015 NETNC Board annual planning workshop on January 24th.

• Communications Strategies: NET News – November- December issue distributed to local sites (~130: BP Town Center, “Walgreens strip”, QFC strip businesses and NET convenience stores; library, Norpoint, substation), and by e-mail to ~300+ residents and ~28 officials and other contacts. E-mail list needs additional cleaning for non-working addresses. We need additional suggestions for website content.

• Board elections: the slate of incumbents and new nominees highlighted in the October and November- December NETN News editions were approved
unanimously. The participants welcomed new members Yvonne McCarty and Bill Thompson. The Board now has 17 of 19 authorized positioned filled, and there is additional interest in the community.

• No input

What Is the Tideflats Emergency Response and Intelligent Transportation System (ER/ITS) Study?

The study is assessing the emergency response capabilities within the Tideflats area and the potential applications of Intelligent Transportation System technology. It is intended to serve as a supplement to the Port of Tacoma's Tideflats Area Transportation Study (2011), the Port of Tacoma Land Use and Transportation Plan (2014), the City of Tacoma Comprehensive Plan's Container Port Element (2014), and the City's ongoing update to the Transportation
Master Plan. The Tideflats ER/ITS Study is part of a coordinated effort between a number of stakeholders.

What are the expected outcomes of the study? The study will recommend actions to improve emergency response capacity and transportation operations. The recommendations may include additional emergency response facilities or modifications to current operating procedures. Additional recommendations will include an ITS Strategic Plan and transportation infrastructure improvements to improve both emergency response and traffic operations. The project team, in coordination with the participating stakeholders will prioritize the recommendations and identify funding strategies.

A public discussion session will be held on January 12th at 5pm, in the Fabulich Center, 3600 Port of Tacoma Rd. (just south of SR509).

From City of Tacoma Planning Dept.

NE Tacoma Community Calendar

To help remind everyone of the community and Board committee meetings this year, as well as key community events, we prepared a calendar that we’ll update as dates firm up. If you have an event planned that’s open to the NE Tacoma community, please let us know, and we’ll include it.

 Date What Time & Where
 January 15th NETNC Community Meeting: TPU rates, Summit Schools, Board Officer Elections (community meetings are on 3rd Thursdays, except for July and December). 7pm, TPD NE substation
 January 24th NETNC Board Annual Planning Workshop: any NE Tacoman is welcome to join the discussion to set goals for the year. 9am-1pm, TPD NE substation
 February 5 NETNC Executive and Planning Committee meeting (repeats monthly on 1st Thursdays) 6:30pm, TPD NE substation
 February 14 Work party at Julia’s Gulch: dress for weather and getting dirty, bring favorite tools (repeats on 2nd Saturdays) 9am-noon, meet at Viewpoint Park on the Norpoint Way hill opposite Pointe Woodworth
 February 19 NETNC Community Meeting: program tbd 7pm, TPD NE substation
 March 5 NETNC Executive and Planning Committee meeting (repeats monthly on 1st Thursdays) 6:30pm, TPD NE substation
 March 19 NETNC Community Meeting: discuss NE Tacoma community survey results (tentative) 7pm, TPD NE substation
 April tbd Alderwood Park clean-up: dress for weather and getting dirty, bring favorite tools to help spread wood chips on trails, trim/remove troublesome vegetation, etc. Lunch by NETNC volunteers. 9am-noon, by the fire station and Kobetich Library off BP Blvd.
 May 20-23 Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference: a great opportunity to learn from neighborhood activists from around the country how to get things done. Limited subsidies are available from NETNC - must apply. http://www.nusa.org/nusa-conferences/conference-registrations/ Houston, TX
 June 14 or 21 Community Clean-Up Day: come to drop off unwanted stuff without having to go to the dump. Goodwill (or equivalent) and Bikes for Kids will be there for reusables. Drop garbage, tires, appliances, etc. Volunteer to help unload cars and support the other volunteers. Dress appropriately. Lunch by NETNC volunteers. 10am-1:45pm, Meeker M.S. upper parking lot
 July 16 NETNC Picnic – hamburgers, sausages, and your pot-luck contributions. All NE Tacomans are welcome. 6:30pm, Alderwood Park

Garbage Incineration Keeps Coming Back!

People who have been in NE Tacoma for a while will remember the big struggle against the proposed re-opening of the garbage incineration plant in the
Tideflats. NETNC was a major opponent of that plant - we are downwind, and suffered for years when it was operating. But now, especially in Europe, governments are using “Waste to Energy” (WTE) incineration as an approach to reducing the bulk of garbage headed for landfills in spite of effective recycling programs. These plants apparently use modern technology intended to eliminate the toxins that used to escape from older plants. We in Tacoma share this excess garbage problem; landfills will eventually be closed to Tacoma garbage. The Tacoma EnviroNews recently disseminated a link to the Environmental News Bulletin discussing the opportunity in a reasonably balanced way:

http://www.theenvironmentalnewsbulletin.blogspot.com/2014/10/solid-waste-disposal-business-of.htmlThe editor has not been able to determine the organization behind the blog.

The blog entry argues for considering both the benefits (energy and greatly reduced landfill load) and required mitigations for operating WTE plants, noting the possibility of air pollution directly from the operation and other pollution effects from improperly dealing with the resulting ash and its load of toxins. We’ll need to stay alert for developments in this direction around Tacoma! 

From EnviroNews and NETNC sources

Neighborhood Improvement Grants Still Available!

This is a reminder that NETNC has some funds to support community groups or individuals that have ideas for small projects that could provide public benefit in NE Tacoma. Targa Sound Terminal provided the initial funds to get started, and the Board is building a program to solicit additional contributions to this fund from area businesses.

NETNC is looking for residents’ ideas for good projects – we’re very interested in helping community-minded folks to get projects off and on the ground. Some examples of projects that have been approved are improvements at the Resurrection Lutheran Community Garden (watering system and information kiosk, etc.) – this garden provides substantial contributions to food banks – and signs for the FISH food bank on Fridays at Browns Point United Methodist. 

A grant is pending to the Friends of Julia’s Gulch that will replace a watering pump and tools that were stolen by vandals. We’re open to any interesting idea. Please let Jim Philp, the Community Projects Fund committee chair, know of your community benefit project ideas: j.b.p@att.net.

From NETNC sources

Contact the webmaster at: jhigley5@gmail.com