Our SLM graduates 
receive Certificate of Biblical Literacy from the
Massachusetts Bible Society

Meanwhile, Back at Exploring the Bible...
We have our first graduates!
Rev. Anne Robertson and Lionel Goulet
Jerome and Jill Schock

Most people who use Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series do so informally as part of a group in their church or community. But the material is structured to allow for a deeper level of engagement for those who want to go the "extra mile."

By doing the Extra Mile work for all three studies, making presentations to their group, submitting written work, and engaging at least one additional Bible-related course or event, a person becomes eligible to receive our Certificate of Biblical Literacy.

This fall we are proud to announce our first Certificate of Biblical Literacy recipients, pictured above. Congratulations to Lionel Goulet, Jerome Schock, and Jill Schock!
Scholarship Assistance

Another thing your gifts help to provide are scholarships for those who want to get the Certificate of Biblical Literacy. Ade Monareh is a current scholarship recipient who has almost completed her work. She writes:

"I would like to thank you for awarding me the Certificate of Biblical Literacy Scholarship. Not only does it financially help me, but the gift also makes me feel supported, cared for, and gives me a committed sense of accountability to get the Certificate of Biblical Literacy.

"I was born and raised Protestant. I've known and studied Bible my whole life. When I heard about Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series and the 'extra mile' tasks to get the Certificate of Biblical Literacy, I felt challenged. I don't think I ever learned the Bible in such a way that required me to do research in reference books or online. It is eye opening for me that "one book" could be interpreted in numerous different thoughts and studies. People could even have contrasting arguments. I'm glad that I've decided to take the challenge and work through to get the Certificate of Biblical Literacy. Now I'm confident I could be contributing my thoughts on discussions about the Bible not only within Christians but also with interfaith communities."

Your gift of $150 will provide a scholarship for others like Ade who really want to study the Bible more deeply with a structure that provides support and accountability.

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Our 2017-2018 School Year

 Fall Retreat 2017 - Sept. 22-24


        Pr. Doug Ryniewicz will be our speaker for the Fall 2017 retreat.
Pr. Doug is pastor at Good Shep9herd Lutheran Church in Monroe, CT.
      The topic for this introduction to the Theological Year will be 
                               "The Zen of Lutheran Theology".

                                                Spring Retreat 2018 - May 18-20

Pr. Linda Forsberg will be our speaker for the Spring 2018 retreat.  
Pr. Linda is pastor at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Greenwich, RI

The topic for the conclusion to the Theological Year will be related to World religions.

2017 - 2019 Retreat Dates

May 18-20, 2018 - Camp Calumet (Spring Theological Year)

September 14-16, 2018 - Camp Calumet (Fall Biblical Year)
May 17-19, 2019 - Camp Calumet (Spring Biblical Year)

Dates for Synod Assembly
June 7,8,9 2018 - Springfield, MA

One of our largest groups ever, Biblical Year of study.

Fall retreat 2016

Our 2016 Fall retreat speaker was Dr. Pam Shellberg.
Pam is the scholar in residence at the BTS Center, Portland, ME.
         She led us on an introduction to the Bible.

                                                           Spring retreat 2017

                 Pr. Elaine Hewes will be the speaker for our 2017 Spring Retreat.  
                  Pr. Elaine is pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bangor, ME.

     The topic for the spring retreat is "Opening the Word, playing with Midrash".

Wondering if the School of Lay Ministry might be for you.  
Read Rev. Linda Grenz's powerful graduation address, it may help you make up your mind.

Linda Grenz, Canon of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island 
addressed the 2016 graduating class of the school.  
There were 6 graduates this year from the 
Spanish Speaking School who are members of the Episcopal Church.

To read her address click on Linda Grenz - Graduation Address 2016


SLM Testimonies - read stories from students about their experiences in the school.
                                         Contributers include: Doris Dimpel, Sue Chin, Marion Vickie Jene, Lynn Geraci

It's not a curriculum........  It's a community
he New England Synod School of Lay Ministry is an opportunity for spiritual growth, fellowship and learning together.
 It does not prepare persons per se for rostered ministry in the ELCA.

The school is organized as a two year commitment of study.  One year focuses on Lutheran theology and confessional heritage, church history, world religions and current ministry issues. The other year studies include the Old and New Testaments, biblical studies,  leadership and the arts of ministry.
Each year begins and ends with a mandatory retreat. The time between retreats is spent in geographical study groups.  Each group will view courses from ELCA Select Learning, and videos from ELCA Mosiac and PBS which are related to the curriculum while engaging in reflection and sharing on each topic.  Reading related to each topic is completed in the time between study group sessions.
For more information about the school and to listen to student testimonials, please watch our video.

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