Is The Nest Smoke Detector Right For You?

The Nest smoke detector is an original, smart and functional carbon monoxide and smoke detector which is designed with advanced features that enable it to resolve ear-piercing and terrifying false alarms in the home.

The nest detector is available in two colors i.e. white and black. The detector is the second product from the nest labs which was founded in 2008. In this article we will outline all the details about the nest detector including its features, design, pros and cons. Below is a review of the nest smoke detector;

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There are two types of the Nest smoke detector, one uses cables and the other is operated by battery. The smoke detector is not designed in a circular manner which is a common design for many smoke alarms but instead it is square in shape with rounded corners and has a powerful textured finish which enables its alarm to cover 3 meters. The smoke detector is larger than most smoke detectors available as it weighs 352 grams and its dimensions are 134 by 134 by 41mm.

The Nest smoke detector also has the Nest logo curved at the center of the device which also acts as a button. Around the button is a ring that sparks green, blue, yellow, red or white to give different indications.

Green indicates that all is well, blue indicates that it is working on a connection, yellow indicates that there might be a problem or message, red indicates that there is definitely a problem and white indicates that someone is walking near the device in the dark.

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Nest Smoke Alarm Features

One of the features that make the Nest smoke detector smart is its online connectivity. The detector has a Wi-Fi connectivity which enables it to give reports of its status through a web browser, android apps or iOS. Through these apps, one is able to receive notifications in case the device detects carbon monoxide or smoke in the house. It also gives further notifications in case the alarm is stopped manually by someone else in the house.

Apart from that, one can be able to check the status of the detector anytime from anywhere thus eliminating any fears that you may have left gas on at home. Another amazing feature of the detector is its vocal capability as the device can actually speak.

When the button located at the center of the device is pressed, the device speaks out its status and when you press it again it will take you through a manual test vocally. You also get a verbal warning in case the alarm is about to go off so that you are not taken by surprise and you can also stop the alarm in time using spoken confirmations that the smoke or gas is clearing.

Whenever the battery is low, the detector will speak to warn you. In addition, the smoke detector also has light and motion sensors which give different indications depending on the situations. The motion sensors allow you to silence an alarm by just waving your hands in front of it which is handy compared to actually pressing the button when you are trying to silence the alarm.

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The Nest smoke detector also has a thermostat manufactured by Nest themselves that coordinates activities with a component in the carbon monoxide sensor to sound the alarm and even instruct the gas furnace in the thermostat to shut off in case dangerous levels of the gas are detected. This is one of the features that makes the Nest smoke detector referred to as ’Internet of Things’’.

Installation And Set Up

The Nest smoke detector has an attractive face compared to most smoke detectors. In order to set it up, one is required to download an android or iOS apps so as to make a wireless connection with the device. Then you will be required to give information such as the location of your device in the house i.e. Bedroom, enter way or any other preferred place and also your Wi-Fi password.

When this is done, the smoke detector will connect automatically to your home network and you will have remote access to it. You can also state where you would like it to be mounted i.e. wall or ceiling and the detector will self configure. The battery version of the Nest smoke detector requires you to screw it to the wall whereas the wired version comes with a cable connector which you will need to fit.

Installing Nest Protect (Wired 120V)


As an average smoke detector, the Nest smoke detector has effective pure detection terms. Unlike the first product from Nest, this smoke detector is designed to resolve unnecessary noise from the device and also to counter the problem of false alarm. Within seconds of an alarm going off, one is able to receive notifications on their phones and also get informed when the alarm is switched off.

  • The Nest smoke detector has numerous features including the Smartphone connectivity, motion and light sensors which assure you safety in smoky and dark environments.
  • The smoke detector is easy to install and set up.
  • The Nest smoke detector works flawlessly due to its enhanced features and has a very attractive look.
  • This detector has clear warnings which include spoken alarms.
  • The Nest smoke detector does not require any hubs.
  • The smoke detector can last up to 5 years.
  • It also has an LED which changes into different colors so as to assist people who are visually impaired to easily note any indications by the device.
  • The Nest smoke detector is expensive, it can cost ten times more than a normal alarm.
  • The manufacturer warranty only runs for 2 years only whereas most smoke detectors come with a 10 year warranty, therefore this means it may require early replacement.
The Nest smoke detectors can either operate independently on your home’s electrical system or operate on low battery power. Compared to other smoke detectors available in the market, the Nest smoke detector is the most preferred because it has a sensor which can detect smoldering and flaming fires.

Anyone who uses fuel burning devices in their homes should use the Nest smoke detector to ensure maximum safety in the home whether they are in or out of the house. The smoke detector also comes with help and support options which are fully operational including the Nest telephone and email support details.

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