On-line Stranding Training Option

This year Hatteras Field Patrol Volunteers and Cold Stun Staging Site Volunteers can 'test' out of the "Stranding Training" by taking this on-line review

1.Complete a paper Stranding Report on the attached ‘turtle’ (click here).
2.Upload the Report into http://www.seaturtle.org/strand/ (Note: Write the seaturtle.org record number on the ‘Notes’ section of the paper report.)
3.Scan the paper report and upload to the seaturtle.org record
4.Email the scanned report and photo to karen.clark@ncwildlife.org and list the record number in your email.
5.Finish your training by taking the on-line quiz at

For Field Site / Hatteras Volunteers


For Staging Site / “North of Hatteras” Volunteers:


6.Receive a permit and/or sticker at the next training you attend in person.

At any time during this assignment, feel free to reference the “Stranding Field Guide”  and/or the training Power Points in the Cold Stun Stranding Response Kit on the volunteer website https://sites.google.com/site/nestobx2014/cold-stun-responders-and-transporters/cold-stun-response-toolkit

Following information should be used to create your entry.

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