On-line Stranding Training Option

This year Hatteras Field Patrol Volunteers and Cold Stun Staging Site Volunteers can 'test' out of the "Stranding Training" by taking this on-line review

1.Complete a paper Stranding Report using the information on the attached ‘turtle’ (click here).
2.Upload the Report into http://www.seaturtle.org/strand/ (Note: Write the seaturtle.org record number on the ‘Notes’ section of the paper report.)
3.Scan the paper report and upload to the seaturtle.org record
4.Email the scanned report and photo to marissa.bijarro@ncwildlife.org and list the record number in your email.
5.Finish your training by taking the on-line quiz at

Turtle Patrol / Field / Hatteras Volunteers


Staging Site / “North of Hatteras” Volunteers:


6.Receive a permit and/or sticker at the next training you attend in person.

At any time during this assignment, feel free to reference the “Stranding Field Guide”  and/or the training Power Points in the Cold Stun Stranding Response Kit on the volunteer website https://sites.google.com/site/nestobx2014/cold-stun-responders-and-transporters/cold-stun-response-toolkit

Following information should be used to create your entry.

Volunteers listed below have already exempted out of Stranding Training (they submitted stranding reports to seaturtle.org within the past year) and need only take Cold Stun Drill to volunteer at the Staging Site or transport turtles this season.  (Of course, if you want to take Stranding again as a refresher, we won't kick you out! Newer volunteers may feel more comfortable taking the actual class again or taking the online review.)

2018/2019 Cold Stun Season Volunteers exempt from taking Stranding Training 

(You just need to attend a Staging Site Drill Session to participate this season).

Alice Hunt 

Anne Brown

Beth Fleishaker

Chris Pruitt

Cliff Errickson

Daniel Hornback

Dave Stempel

Debbie & Michael Bohrer

Debbie Spillman 

Dennis Pohl

Elaine McCracken

Frank Welles

Freve Pace

Gail Baird

Jamie Heath

Jamie Moore

Jan Moore

Jeanette Fuller

Jenny Hart

Jessica Sands

Jo Heath 

JoAnn Miller

Joel Canino

John Cece

Julia Clark 

Kali Bush

Karen Gregory

Karen Potter

Kaye Lyerly

Kristyn Heath

Kurt O'Dell

Les Potter

Liz Fox

Lorraine Twohig

Lou Browning

Louise Vance

Maddie VanMiddlesworth

Margaret Janes

Mary Errickson

MaryAnn Jones

Michael Watson

Michelle Portoukalian

Nancy Schafer

Olie Bedell

Pauline & Robert Moslowitz

Peggy Cathey

Richard & Becky Marlin

Richard & Pati Thompson

Richard Larkin

Richard Pighinni

Rick Baird

Rick Jones

Roger Nichols

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Stephanie Westheiden

Susan Silbernagel 

Susan Walsh

Tim Moore

Tom & Sandy Garrision

Valerie Morrell

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