Want to share the love of live theater with your children?  Below are some terrific options. 

Cleveland Playhouse Children's Series

Annually, NEST submits a group order at the end of August to secure the best pricing for tickets to the Children's Playhouse Series, held at the Cleveland Playhouse.  This is an excellent opportunity to introduce and offer live theater to your children over the age of 2.   (Children under 2 are not permitted to these educational performances).   Some performances are geared towards a specific age group, however, I have found all ages will be able to appreciate every performance and find something of value.  All shows for the Playhouse are $6 if we meet a minimum of 10 per show, which we seem to do.

Performance Schedule:

Descriptions for shows Oct thru May are found here. 

Age recommendations are listed, but I have found these to be enjoyable even for older students.

Times for these shows will be forth coming if not indicated.

Oct 26 - Ugly Duckling  (ages 5-10)
Jan 25 - Rainbow Fish  (ages 3-8)
Feb 6  - Moon Shot (ages 10-18)
Feb 13 - Me.. Jane:  The Dreams & Adventures of Young Jane Goodall  (ages 6-11)
Mar1 - Emily Brown and the Thing  (ages 3-11)
Apr 12  - Junie B. Jones  (ages 5-11)
May 1  - SHH! We Have a Plan  (ages 3-9)
May 3  - 10am - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (ages 7-18)
May 3 - noon - Straight Up Magic (all ages)

Workshops are a great way to experience Theater.  Students move through different stages with hands on instruction.  This is a terrific Value!  There is only a $6 student fee, adult chaperones are free.  For the students who did this last year, we were very impressed with the level of instruction from real professionals to the variety of hands on activity.  Dance, Acting, Improve, Body Movement. 

Nov 9 - 9:30am - 1pm - High School Workshop  (ages 14-18)
FEB 22 - 9:30am - 1pm  - Middle School Workshop  (ages 11-14)

All shows have recommended ages or grades. However it is recommended to see beyond those suggestions as homeschoolers. If your older students are into set design, lighting, sound and direction, they can enjoy the simplest of performances looking for these elements and could present an elaborate breakdown, presentation for you at home. Additionally, the younger ones, will also enjoy the sites and sounds of the more mature performances, as each performance is no longer than 55 mins. Having seen many of these performances, there is so much to learn from attending each performance no matter the subject matter. As homeschoolers we have full control over how deep or light we wish to explore a topic with our children. It is up for interpretation, always.

Please see the website for full descriptions.  Note: there are other times and dates for these shows, however in order to receive a group rate, the dates listed above are the ones selected for NEST Homeschool Group Purchases.

 Magical Theater Company - Barberton, OH

Past performances have been very well organized.  They use a professional core of adult actors supported by very talented young actors.  There is a study guide available prior to the show to make the most of the event.  Matinee Tickets sell out quickly!

Location:     565 W. Tuscarawas Ave, Barberton, Ohio
Time:          10 am shows

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Talespinner Children's Theatre TBD 

RSVP:           Nov. 11, 2017 by noon to

Weathervane Playhouse - TBA 


Payment:     Paypal via friends and family to include how many tickets you are purchasing.