Mbala Christian Leadership Training Centre

Developing Servant Leadership for the Churches and Communities of Zambia

The Training Centre first opened its doors in the year 2000.  During the 1990's the dream and vision for the Centre was formed in partnership with the church, Lee Albaugh (former resident of Zambia) and the community of Mbala.  The vision grew from the desperate needs of the region.  Since that beginning the Centre has trained and graduated 80 ministry students, 250+  Tailoring Students, 250 Life Skills carpentry and developed health programs for vulnerable orphans and people. 

The HIV-AIDS pandemic, malaria and poverty are heavy on all our hearts.  What would be the future for the children and families of Zambia?  It was determined we could make a difference by training and discipling Servant leaders who would focus on these difficult and overwhelming problems.  With the multiplication of orphans, widows, and families headed by children, the Centre has taken up the challenge, and NESteam International partnered with them to address both spiritual and physical needs. 

 Since its beginnings the Centre has focused on the Servant Leadership program as the foundation developing programs in Life Skills to combat the effects of poverty.  We believe in transforming the whole person spiritually, and physically.    

 Presently, in addition to their own community programs, they work  with World Vision and the RAPIDS program at the local level in Mbala, providing Life Skills training to give hope, and living skills to  orphans and vulnerable children.  We have also worked with the Pephar program from USAID, targeting HIV/AIDS intervention in the northern parts of Zambia.   These programs have been in conjunction with the local health , churches and communities in Zambia

The Centre is operated and taught by local Zambian leadership who commit themselves sacrificially to change lives.  Nearly all the staff and teachers keep orphans in their homes, as well as doing their work in the churches and communities of the remote Mbala and Mpulungu regions. 


The  Board of Directors  and staff of the school is made up of Zambian professionals, church leaders, community and government leaders and a member of NESteam International.  They work on a volunteer basis and have backgrounds in public health, business, the church and skills.  All of them are contibuting participants in the ministries.


The Centre teaches Servant Leadership as patterned by Christ and within the cultural context of Zambia.  Our goal is to be a model for spiritual and physical change in African communities that can give hope, transforming lives.


Sacrificial service from faithful, and trustworthy, Zambian partners has made this Centre possible!