We are the proud parents of 3 turtles (who remain nameless) and 3 cats (Josie, Fiona and Stewie) and 1 Dog (Shiner).  They are the best little annoying things in our lives and we love them!!


My little Stew-dizzle


Stew in his favorite spot letting it all hang out.


Fiona was my little helper back in college


Little Fiona yawns with her eyes open, its kinda freaky.


Little girl loves the sink


They love to fight in the tub


These are the soft shell turtles that Ty captured in the Platte River in Nebraska.  They are much bigger now.


This is the red eared slider aka momma turtle.  When we put in our pond, H put the surrounding rocks too low, and Big momma ran away :(  but we have new ones now I just don't have any pictures.

 Our Little Josie playing on the deck

Our Shiner Girl!

Me and my Shiner baby!