Section NExT

The Northeastern Section will be holding a Section NExT program for new and relatively new colleagues at the Fall 2016 section meeting. By providing talks and workshops on issues of interest, opportunities to meet and share ideas with other new colleagues, and an introduction into Section activities, we hope to assist new faculty in their transition from graduate school to professional academic life. Although the panel discussion is meant for newer faculty members, we welcome all full-time faculty, both those who have and have not been National NExT fellows. We feel that the topics discussed in Section NExT are relevant to all faculty members.

Lunch will be at 12pm on Friday, November 18, after which there will be the following panel discussion.

The Role of Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics.
Incorporating technology in the mathematics classroom has been around for many years, as we want to get answers quickly as well as show visually what is going in a problem.  This discussion will focus on the following questions: (1) What technology each of the panelists have used in their courses? (2) What technology did they expect their students to work with? (3) What complications have arisen from the use of technology and how were they overcome? (4) What is the role of technology for students in class, on exams, and on homework?

All faculty are invited to the lunch and panel discussion. Please indicate on your registration that you will be joining us. The cost of lunch will be waived for untenured Section NExT members; only these new and early-career faculty should select the "Section NExT attendee" option on the registration form.

Section NExT Coordinator:

Klay Kruczek
Mathematics Department
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT  06515

(203) 392-5591