NES/MAA Collegiate Math Competition

The NES/MAA Collegiate Math Competition (CMC) is a team competition that is run during the Northeastern Section of the MAA's fall meeting. The CMC is a team competition for undergraduate students enrolled in any college or university in the Section. This will be great fun for first-time competitors as well as competition veterans! It can also be a great warm-up for the Putnam exam, which takes place a couple of weeks after the CMC. The questions are meant to be stimulating, but not as difficult as those on the Putnam exam.

You can follow the links on this site to find the official rules as well as some practice problems. You can also register online (via a Google form). Team members need to register for the conference and the competition by Monday, the 14th of November, 2022.

Winning teams will be announced and prizes awarded after the Friday dinner of the conference.

Prizes: $96 for the winning team, $72 for the second place team, and $54 for the third place team.

2020 Solutions and Results