For Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing (NERP)

The Northeast Regional Program through the Nebraska Department of Education allows for existing quality educational services for children who are deaf or hard of hearing to be further enhanced. Regardless of whether students are served in center based classes with their deaf/hard of hearing peers or in a general education program, these services are results of the Individualized Education Plan. It is the IEP team, with the parent input, that determines the service that will best meet each child's need. The IEP team must include a certified teacher for the deaf or hard of hearing. The Northeast Regional Program will assist the local school districts in providing deaf/hard of hearing students full opportunity for participation and communication access in athletic competition, yearbook preparation, proms, student body government, drama, and all extra-curricular activities available to their hearing peers.

Family Support service are available and may include:

Sign language classes

Information on materials, workshops, and summer programs are available

Development of enrichment activities

Meeting families in the area