Nerdsville has changed again, this is the third version of the site.  In 2004 it was a simple html website, then in 2006 it was upgraded to Joomla CMS and now I have dumbed it down a bit, by utilising the free Google Sites Service.  I’ll try to add more content on a more regular basis this time :~)
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Synchronising Google Tasks on a Windows Mobile

posted 28 Jun 2010, 02:41 by phil burrows

GogTasks for Windows Mobile
I migrated away from Outlook as my Personal Information Manager (PIM) because I wanted a ‘No Cost’ solution that was flexible and accessible from anywhere and on any platform.  I turned to Google and now utilise it’s Calendar, Contacts, Email and Tasks.  The only problem was that Google Tasks will not synchronise with a Windows Mobile phone, the calendar, contacts and email will all sync with no problem.  This was a major drawback for me as I like lists of To-Dos. 
You can read more here
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Ubuntu Linux Bigger, Better Faster and Free!

posted 21 May 2010, 06:20 by phil burrows   [ updated 21 May 2010, 06:43 ]

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Yay! Ubuntu have released a newer version of their operating system :)  For those of you who are not aware what that it is, it’s a faster and more reliable replacement for Microsoft Windows.  MS Windows cost a fortune and is typically 1/3 of the price of a budget laptop.  Ubuntu is free, if all you want to do is email, browse the internet, word processing etc then Ubuntu is perfect for you.
It runs faster than Windows and so is ideal for older computers that Windows 7 and Vista perform poorly on.  The latest version of Ubuntu  is more user friendly than before and has been aimed at the novice computer owner.   If you have Windows Vista (which is a pile of ****) and you are thinking of paying for the fixed version… ahem er I mean the new version of windows, Windows 7 then I would highly recommend you try Ubuntu, heck you have nothing to lose. 
You can read more here
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QR Codes - You will have seen them, but do you know what they are?

posted 13 May 2010, 03:14 by phil burrows


I have been using QR codes in the last few days, they seem to be popping up every where and are becoming more popular.  In the brief moment I thought about writing this article I could actually see four or five QR Codes.  The Windows Mobile Freeware site I like, uses them to give you the download addresses, the magazine on my desk has them, the cola can has one and the parcel that arrived has one on the ad dress label.  You can read the rest Here
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Social Bookmarking and SEO

posted 6 May 2010, 07:14 by phil burrows   [ updated 11 May 2010, 05:24 ]

Picture of Geocaching software on www.what-is-goecaching.co.uk  
I have recently used Social Maximizer to add a blog article on Geocaching to several hundred social bookmarking sites.  It is too early to say if this tactic is going to drive traffic to my website or if the back links generated by this will have any effect on my Google Page Rank.  But I will add more details here as they occur.  You can read the article ‘Geocaching - A beginners Tale’   Here
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Why I am fed up of SEO Companies

posted 6 May 2010, 06:57 by phil burrows   [ updated 11 May 2010, 05:28 ]

description of the photo It's not that I dislike SEO Companies, there are some brilliant ones out there, but it seems that only the bad ones contact my clients and myself. Time and time again I have to repeat the same mantra to people "No one can guarantee you Top Spot on Google!"

There has been one company in particular that has plagued many of my clients.  They charge an on going fee of £120 per month with an initial setup fee of £300. This company is very slick and the sales team are refined. Last year I thought 'What the hell, I will sign up for the minimum period and see what they can do'. I signed up a newly constructed website up (an ecommerce shop based on Joomla and Vituemart) and then I waited for all the questions that they must surely want to ask me about my business...  Nerdsville Logo

You can read the rest of the article on my other website Here 

How to make your own Web Site

posted 6 May 2010, 06:17 by phil burrows   [ updated 11 May 2010, 05:27 ]

I have made a web site describing the free and easy things that you should do to your website to increase its Search Engine Ranking.  Please bear in mind that any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will take 3 months to show any dividends.  You can view my site at www.making-your-own-website.co.uk
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What is Geocaching?

posted 6 May 2010, 06:05 by phil burrows   [ updated 24 May 2010, 06:29 ]

Geocaching is one of my new hobbies and it has taken me to places that I would not have ordinarily have gone.  It involves Codes, GPS, a bit of healthy walking and a secretive and sneaky streak!   You can find out  more at my site www.what-is-geocaching.co.uk
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How to Protect Your Computer

posted 6 May 2010, 06:00 by phil burrows   [ updated 11 May 2010, 05:26 ]

I have created a quick website that describes the minimum that you should do to protect your computer from viruses, malware and attcks.  You can find it at www.how-to-protect-your-computer.co.uk.
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