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       I adore everything about books.  The smell of the paper, new and old.   The calm that comes over me when I'm curled up under the covers with my trusty book light.  The words they contain.  I actually get words stuck in my head like some people do with songs!   
        Lovingly named after the book light that I read with every night, Nerd Light Books started off as a way to catalog what I read so that I could share it with future students and fellow teachers, but the project has become so much more than that.  Reading is my passion, writing is my art form, and a book review site is the perfect way for me to combine the two. 
I love getting feedback and recommendations from fellow readers!
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A Dream Come True
for a Lover of Words...
        Back in 2010, I had the honor of being asked to preview an author's debut novel! Not only did I get a sneak peek at an intensely intriguing new book, I got to help edit the work, give feedback, and even collaborate with the writer!  What I thought was a one-time thrilling experience has now become a thriving partnership!  We began work on the sequel, Barely Breathing, almost immediately after Becca released Reason to Breathe.  Sales went crazy during the summer of 2012,  and Ms. Donovan is now going to be trade published by Amazon Publishing and Penguin UK!  Being involved in the process of creating these books has often been as exciting and suspenseful as reading them! After a lot of hard work Out of Breath, the last book in The Breathing Series, is now published worldwide! And I could not be more grateful for this FANTASTIC roller coaster ride Rebecca has taken me on! 
        Don' t miss out on this fabulous series!  Go to Amazon.com  today and check out  Rebecca Donovan's captivating first novel Reason to Breathe.
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