Neral's Page of Wonders

Useful things concering economics, geography, education (only a little), politics and more! (useful according to who, we don't know yet but we're still trying to find out...) Then there's Warhammer Fantasy Battle armys, terrain, models and miniatures, which are my indulgences.


Time to get serious about the state of the world?

الك سر

على الارض الجنة

Not a bonfire, but alien spaceship landing in the backyard.

Neral was (and maybe still is if we believe in parallel universes) a famous magic user whose trademark spell was a fireball, preferably in a 10' x 10' room.

While Neral remains somewhere embroiled in the flux between worlds (or whatever), his alter form compiles and occasionally updates archaeological  and other musings.

Cool (old cool)


Cool pictures from Mt Everest and other mountains: 

Not cool

Weeds. And snails.