Западная Арктика. Великое Княжество Западной Арктики. Grand Duchy of Westarctica


Западная Арктика

Великое Княжество Западной Арктики


Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Micronation claiming a large chunk of unclaimed land in Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica.

The Grand Duchy of Westarctica is an area of desolate land in western Antarctica that was unclaimed until an American declared the area his own micronation, a declaration of status not recognized by established countries, in 2001. The territory consists of Marie Byrd Land with a few additional claims and has no year round residents, although research stations have been located in the region. Westarctica was founded on a supposed loophole in the Antarctic Treaty. The claim of micronation status has been used as a basis to mint and sell coins to collectors.

Entirety of western Antarctica.

Formerly the Achaean Territory of Antarctica.

Alive. Active status.

Have one or more aspects of their operations into the corporeal world.

Address - Email: . 3420 Kramer Street, Harrisburg PA 17109, USA. Contact location - Harrisburg, PA, USA.

Lider - Jon-Lawrence Langer +1 717 657 1581.

Claims, but does not own/occupy/control territory. Westarctica is the territory located between the Chilean and New Zealand claims on the continent of Antarctica.

The traditional head of state is the Grand Archduke. Past governments have been either been a constitutional monarchy or an absolute monarchy." The current government structure is tribal. Appeals or decisions beyond the scope of the local leaders are heard in the court of a nationally recognized noble.

Any decision can be appealed to the next level of precedence with the Grand Archduke as the ultimate authority. Any noble may refuse to hear an appeal. National institutions serve at the pleasure of the Grand Archduke.

Jon-Lawrence maintains his own website, The Noble House of Langer, for those who are interested in Westarctica. Website inactive as of 9 March 2008. Coins (were) available from the website, and flags (may still be) avalable from Mr. Flag.

While doing research on obscure parts of the world, the future Consul-General discovers that a large slice of Antarctica, known as Marie Byrd Land, Western Antarctica, or Lesser Antarctica, is the only piece of the continent not claimed by a world government. Researching the possibilities further, he realizes that the Antarctic Treaty only prevents established governments from issuing new claims to Antarctic lands, but does not prevent individuals acting on their own accord from doing such. He resolves to claim the area for himself, his family and friends. At the time, the future Consul-General calls it the 'New Land Claim.' The name is later changed to the Achaean Territory, in honor of the heroes of the Iliad, which he is reading at the time. He has a solid gold crown (known as the Consular Crown) made while visiting Turkey and begins preparations to formally stake his claim.

Missing New Country Project. Researchers attribute this State to List of Physical Micronations.

Герцогство основано в 2001 году, претендует на часть территории Антарктиды.

ООН провозгласило особый статус этого континента, провозгласив его "континентом международного сотрудничества", однако некоторые страны, например, Чили, Норвегия и Новая Зеландия претендуют на некоторые острова, относящиеся к Антарктиде.

Площадь Вестарктики превышает совокупную площадь Испании, Португалии и Франции. Вестарктика имеет столицу на острове Петра Первого, оспаривая права на этот остров у ООН и Норвегии. На территории Великого Герцогства ныне постоянно работают более 200 иностранных ученых.

Основатель государства - Трэвис Макгенри\Travis McHenry, служивший в тот момент в Корпусе Морской Пехоты США\US Marines Corp. Он принял титул Великого Герцога Трэвиса.

В апреле 2006 года Великий Герцог Трэвис передал всю полноту государственной власти Герцогу Равенкрофтскому, принявшему титул Великого Герцога Филиппа. Вестарктика является абсолютной монархией, члены кабинета министров (всего 8 министерств) назначаются лично Великим Герцогом, выборы не проводятся.

Вестарктика имеет свою радиостанцию, государственное информагентство и армию, валюту, выпускает почтовые марки и пр. Любой желающий может стать гражданином Вестарктики, заполнив соответствующую форму на официальном сайте государства.

The bulk of Westarctican territory consists of Marie Byrd Land; this was the original territory claimed. It was defined as all land south of 60° S and between 90° W and 150° W. This is between the claim of Chile and the claim of New Zealand. The original capital was named Achilles. Later on, the Balleny Islands claimed by New Zealand and Peter I Island claimed by Norway were annexed. Peter I Island was declared the new capital of Westarctica.

On November 2, 2001, Travis McHenry decided to claim Marie Byrd Land as a country upon discovering that no country yet claimed it. However, this was because the Antarctic Treaty prevented any new claims on Antarctica by countries. To get around this, McHenry claimed the land as an individual and then founded a country, the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, upon it. He sent letters to the governments of Russia, France, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, the United States, and the United Kingdom to inform them of his claim. All of these countries ignored McHenry and his claim.

In 2004, McHenry changed the name of his country to the Grand Duchy of Westarctica. The next year, he claimed the Balleny Islands and Peter I Island, which were already claimed by New Zealand and Norway, respectively. Grand Duke Travis abdicated in 2006 in favor of being Baron of Dunluce Castle. He was replaced as Grand Duke by Philip Karns.

In early 2008 health issues caused Philip Karns to cease his involvement in Westarctica. Since this time operations have moved from Westarctica.com to Westarctica.org. The current head of state is Jon-Lawrence Langer, the Duke of Moulton-Berlin. Langer has requested Westarcticans and Westarctica's allies in the micronational community aide in the project's revitalization.

On June 3rd, 2010 the founder of Westarctica, Travis McHenry removed Jon-Lawrence Langer as head of state after several micronational disputes and complains. McHenry abolished the grand duchy and replaced it by the Protectorate of Westarctica. Together with this reforms Westarctica adopted a new flag, reduced the claim and joined the Antarctic Micronational Union.

Westarctica has produced several coins, in the form of both wooden nickels and metal coins. They have also made stamps. Recently, Westarctica was featured in Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations. Currently, Westarctica appears to be restructuring, as its website is up and running.

Like all micronations, Westarctica is not recognised by the government of any larger country, despite its attempts to be. Westarctica is recognised by other micronations. In 2010, Travis McHenry assumed the position of Grand Duke of Westarctica.

The Grand Duchy of Westarctica is an internet micronation founded in 2001, by Travis McHenry, a cryptozoologist and former US Navy sailor who lives in Norfolk, Virginia. On 2 November, McHenry - who claims direct descent from Patrick McHenry, the 17th Century Baron of Dunluce, Ireland - wrote to the governments of Russia, France, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, the United States and the United Kingdom, announcing his intention to take personal possession of the wedge-shaped section of the Antarctic continent known as Marie Byrd Land.

This area is not claimed by any of the signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, however it was claimed in the early 1990s by the Dominion of Melchizedech, a well-known micronation some of whose members have been indicted on a range of fraud charges. McHenry originally named his state the Achaean Territory of Antarctica (apparently inspired by the works of Homer), before changing it to the current configuration on 10 June, 2004.

Apart from selling his friends and associates bargain-priced Westarctican peerages and instituting a constitution establishing the Grand Duchy as a “Protestant Christian" nation, Westarctica’s ruler took a relaxed attitude to the administration of his vast domains; as far as is known, neither McHenry nor any of his handful of subjects have ever set foot anywhere near Antarctica, and assertions on Westarctica’s website that a “relocation project” involving the “construction of new cities” has been underway since 2003, can safely be dismissed as fantasy. In January 2006 McHenry abdicated his position, handing over to Philip Karns, who now rules as Grand Duke Philip I.

The only physical evidence of Westarctica’s existence outside the internet are its coins, which were designed and produced by Mr Jorge Vidal, a member of the USNS who also serves as Westarctica’s Minister of the Treasury."