2020 Nephi Gliding Information

Nephi is the Place to Fly! (updated 4/21/19)

Since the first major soaring event in Nephi back in 2013, Nephi's reputation as a world class airport and soaring site has exploded.  Every Nephi gliding event sells out within the first week of announcement with often 30 or 40 pilots left on a waiting list trying to get in. 

Nephi has a major event every year at the end of June and weekend soaring from April through October for local pilots and visitors.  If you can't make it into an organized event, please contact us about coming out in the summer and flying with us outside of events. 

Nephi Has 2 Tow Planes for the FULL 2020 Season!

Gliding over Nephi Utah

Nephi now has 2 tow planes and pilots available to tow all local and visiting glider pilots every Friday through Sunday throughout the season.  Other days of the week might be possible to receive tows if three or more pilots schedule to fly.  Yes - that means you and your other glider friends can plan on coming out to Nephi this summer and spend a week or two or three soaring with us!

Sorry it took us so long to get to this point, but it has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to arrange this.  Having one of the best soaring sites in the world and no tow plane has been agonizing to say the least.  But if you have flown Nephi at one of the past contests or events, you know having a permanent tow plane there is going to be well used by many pilots from all over.

Click here to go to the visiting glider pilots info page.

2019 OLC/XC Camp

Nephi has proven to be an excellent venue for serious glider racing.  We are excited to again host the world's largest OLC/XC camp in 2019.

We hope you can get time off of work and permission from the significant other to come out and play with us in Utah. We look forward to flying with you!

What happens during an OLC / XC glider camp?

The newly-created format for an OLC / XC event allows for both newer pilots and veteran racing pilots to have a great time.

Daily racing tasks are called, however the pilots do not have to fly the task and can fly their own flights and see who gets the highest OLC points for the day.

With only daily scoring and no ongoing score sheet for the week, pilots can enjoy a relaxed but organized flying atmosphere without worrying about being at the bottom of some score sheet.

These camps are perfect for glider pilots who have never been to an organized contest before and want to see what flying cross country with others and/or flying racing tasks is all about.