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Dismantling Oppression Resources

Goals of Dismantling Oppression Resource List:

  1. To normalize that social justice is an intrinsic aspect of the ethics of permaculture (People Care and Fair Share).

  2. To name that the work of dismantling oppression is essential to the practice of permaculture, because observation and interaction with indigenous wisdom and culture gave birth to and still guide this practice.

  3. To support folks in the Northeast permaculture community who want to find resources, connect with organizations, and take action.

Compiled by NEWIP Dismantling Oppression Working Group

Submissions to the Resource list are welcome. Please email: and put “Dismantling Oppression Resource List addition” in the subject line.


"Decolonization is not a Metaphor" from Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society

"Decolonization is not a Metaphor" from Permaculture Women

"Practical Decolonization: How to Live it Daily" from Everyday Feminism 

“Whose Land Is It Anyway? A Manual for Decolonization” from Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC

“The Complaint in the Onandaga Land Rights Action” from the Onandaga Nation’s website 

“Essay: Decolonizing the “Primitive Skills” Movement” from On Stolen Land blog

“Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory & Practice” blog

"White Supremacy Culture" From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups, by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, ChangeWork, 2001

"Indigenization Initiative: FAQ" from Camosun

“Settler Colonialsim” from Global Social Theory


- “35+ Things to Create More Inclusion & Diversity at Your Permaculture Event” developed with the participation of POC and allies from NAPC, PAN and the wider network of who are interested in or working on decolonizing pc. It is officially by the  Decolonizing Permaculture Working Group from NAPC 2016.  (aka “Further Suggestions towards Decolonizing Permaculture”)

- Resolutions & Requests of the 2014 NAPC POC and Allies Caucus

- "A Anti-Racist Checklist Survey For Allies" by Samantha B

- “We can do better: Resources and Options for Solidarity with Queer people in permaculture.” by Laura Ann B

- Solidarity Statement of Black Permaculture Network

- Northeast Womyn in Permaculture Gathering

- Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture

- Permaculture Podcast of Karryn Olson-Ramanujan's "Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture"

- "Decolonizing Permaculture" article in Permaculture Design Magazine (formerly Permaculture Activist) issue #98, Winter 2015.

- Racial Equity Challenge Resources from Food Solutions New England - 30 books by POC about plants and/or healing that you should read by Queering Herbalism

- Language for Radical Inclusivity

- “Decolonize Yourself" Creative Immersion by Heather Jo Flores

- Group Agreements :: offered by Philadelphia Assembled Sanctuary Steward Team (have doc, need PAN or other org to host pdf)

- Draft Usage Agreement for the Western Mass Permaculture Guild Listserv (have doc, need PAN or other org to host pdf)

- "100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color"


- Northeast Womyn in Permaculture

- Black Permaculture Network

- Indigenous Wisdom Permaculture Skills Convergence

- AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance)

- SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

- Soil Generation (part of Grounded in Philly, a project of the Garden Justice Legal Initiative and Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia)


- Permaculture Women's Guild -
- Food Not Lawns -


(Thanks to Roxanne Masters of Roots ‘n Earth Family Farm, Karryn Olson Ramanujan of Regenepreneurs, Caitlin Waddick of Northeast Womyn in Permaculture, and Frances Rose Subbiondo and Acorn Swiggum of K is for Kitchen for compiling these resources.)


Background on the NEWIP Dismantling Oppression Working Group

Dismantling Oppression and Decolonizing Permaculture are prominent themes at the annual Northeast Womyn in Permaculture Gathering.  In 2015, Karryn Olson-Ramanujan led a break out session to co-create an anti-sexual harassment policy for the Northeast permaculture community.  In 2016, we had our keynote on Social Justice, and in 2017 the largest breakout in our Open Space sessions was on De-Colonizing Permaculture, convened by Lala Montoya.  We shared stories of our experiences with oppression within the permaculture community, and made a pledge to support decolonizing permaculture in our respective communities, both through events and education and through raising visibility of this issue.  

Since the 2017, Decolonizing Permaculture working group members Lala Montoya, Elyssa Serrilli, Caitlin Waddick, Bonita Ford, Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, Frances Rose Subbiondo, Acorn Swiggum and Kai Cole have been continuing the conversation and advancing action items.  Lala Montoya convened a decolonizing permaculture meetup as part of her monthly Hudson Valley permaculture community meeting.  When the event had much lower attendance than their regular meetup (numbers down from 25 to 7), Lala decided to explore hosting a Decolonizing Permaculture Festival in her region, working with her local arts, music and theater community and including storytelling as well as food and dialogue.  With the collaboration of Kai Cole, Caitlin Waddick and Karryn Olson-Ramanujan are organizing a webinar and radio show on decolonizing permaculture.  We are now working with Philly-based Soil Generation, as well.


Submissions to the Resource list are welcome!  Please email: and put “Dismantling Oppression Resource List addition” in the subject line.