Completion of Project Evaluation "Sudhar"
NBPA conducted a project evaluation on behalf of german BMZ to identify
possibilities for technical improvements on implemented biogas technologies.
The evaluation is finished and the report is shared among the partners for
further discussion. NBPA hopes that the findings published in the report will be in-cooperated in
future projects.
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Find presentations about R&D, technology and others
NBPA is often participating in workshops and meetings. On these occasions the NBPA team is holding Power Point Presentations about different topics. Now you can download the presentations on our website. Here

Biogas Companies

NBPA: Representing the interests of the Biogas Companies in Nepal

NBPA represents the private biogas sector in Nepal. As umbrella organisation of the biogas construction companies, NBPA is supporting over 110 companies which are providing some 3000 jobs in Nepal. Read more about NBPA.

New NBPA e-newsletter "Nepal Biogas News" has been published
NBPA is publishes a e-newsletter in English twice a year. The latest version has been published in November.
Our newsletter informs about renewable energy in Nepal, and also South Asia. We keep you up to date about events in the sector and NBPA news. Newsletter

Nepal Improved Biogas Plant (NIBP)
In Nepal the standard model of biogas plants "GGC-2047" has been used for more than 20 years. NBPA took on the challenge to improved this well proofed design. To foster the implementation within the Nepalese context, NIBP orients towards the BSP standard design, improving some critical points. More information

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