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Articles in Preparation

Ferreira, V.S. and Ivie, M.A. A remarkable new genus of net-winged beetles from Costa Rica and the description of eleven species (Coleoptera: Lycidae: Leptolycini). 16 pages, 50 images, 6 plates. To be submitted in The Coleopterists Bulletin.

Ferreira, V.S., Ramsdale, A.S. and Ivie, M.A. A review of the World Omethidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea): The Omethinae and Matheteinae. 23 pages, 28 figures, 5 plates. To be submitted in The Coleopterists Bulletin. 

Ferreira, V.S. and Ivie, M.A. Revision of the genus Lucaina Dugés, 1879 (Coleoptera: Lycidae: Calochromini) with the description of two new North American Species. 18 pages, 19 figures, 5 plates. To be submitted in The Coleopterists Bulletin.

Bogahawatte, C.N.L, Marshall, S.A. & Ferreira, V.S. A review of the Net-winged Beetles (Coleoptera: Lycidae) of Ontario, with a Key to the Species of Eastern Canada. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification. In Press.

Ferreira, V.S., Barclay, M.V.L. & Ivie, M.A. Redescription of Aporrhipis Pascoe, 1887 (Coleoptera: Lycidae) With a Discussion on its Tribal Placement. 5 pages, 1 plate, 4 figures. To be submitted at Zootaxa.

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On-line media  

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