I am currently a PhD student at Montana State Univeristy working with Systematics, Biology and Taxonomy of Elateroidea and my dissertation is focused on the Systematics of Leptolycini (Lycidae, Lycinae), a group of neotenous lycids. In this group, the females lack the characters that define the adult form of a beetle: compound eyes, wings, elytra, 11 antennomeres, ovipositor and a multi-segmented tarsus. These extreme neotenic adult females are often termed “larviform” females, and in most cases, the status of a given individual as an adult or larvae is not really known. In contrast, the males of these sexually dimorphic species have all the normal adult characters and are immediately identifiable as a beetle. My current research is focused in unraveling the high diversity in these sexually dimorphic case of extreme neotenous beetles.

A male of Leptolycus (Baholycus) flavoapicalis Bocak, 2001 (Coleoptera, Lycidae, Leptolycini) from
Loma de blanco, Bonao, Republica Dominicana. Image source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=821054034681319&set=gm.1642534612661149&type=1&theater 

I am currently working in the following projects:

1) Unraveling the High Diversity of the Leptolycini, a Sexually Dimorphic Extreme Neotenous Net-winged beetles (Coleoptera: Lycidae) 
2) Taxonomic Revision of Calochromini (Lycidae, Lycinae), with focus on the New World genera
3) Revision of the World Omethidae (Coleoptera, Elateroidea)
4) Taxonomic revision of the genus Thonalmus Bourgeois, 1882 (Lycidae, Thonalmini)