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Ace Combat Flight Stick

Games Supported: Ace Combat 6 (360), All 360 Games
Can be found for: ~$100
Made by: HORI
Joystick, a clickable thumbstick, a throttle, 3 dpads, 2 dials, rudder control, 3 triggers, 4 buttons, a mode select switch, rumble, a cool box, Headset port, USB (Xinput)

Hi res box PC Drivers

Beat Pad

Games Supported: Misc Dance games (360)
Obtained: June 23, 2012
Can be found for: ~$5
Made by: MadCatz
Peripheral #:164
10 buttons (4 dpad, 4 action, 2 system), Guide button, headset port, XInput, USB

Big Button Pad

Games Supported: Uno, 1 vs. 100, Wits and Wagers, Scene It? Box Office Smash, Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action (360)
Obtained: September 24, 2010
Can be found for: ~$15
Made by: Microsoft
Peripheral #: 119
Wireless (USB IR dongle), 4 controllers each with: Big circular dpad, 4 face buttons, Back/Start/Guide buttons, takes 2 AA batteries each, does not use USB HID or XInput
They will bind themselves to the corresponding regular XBOX360 controller, so pressing a button on BBP 1 or Controller 1 will both work as Player 1.

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Cabela's Big Hunt Gun

Games Supported: Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party (360+Kinect)
Obtained: February 18, 2012
Can be found for: ~$10
Made by: Activision
Peripheral #: 159
Trigger, reload pump, flip-up crosshairs, extendible stock and bipod, opens up like a real shotgun would to reveal the battery compartment, takes 2xAAs
Uses 4 LEDs on the front to triangulate it's position via Kinect's camera.

Hold both the trigger and reload pump for 5 seconds to turn it off


Games Supported: All 360 games, but optimized for FPSs
Obtained: February 10, 2014
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: HORI
Peripheral #: 232
Dpad, 2 analog clickable thumbsticks with replaceable tops, 2 system buttons, 1 OS button, 6 triggers, 4 face buttons, 2 settings buttons, remappable controls, 3 LED bars, headset port, rumble, USB (Xinput)


Games Supported: Misc Games (360)
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: MadCatz
Dpad, Joystick with a button on top, spinner with on/off switch (acts as left/right on the dpad), thumbstick, turbo button with 3 speed settings, 7 face buttons (ABXY, Start, Back, Guide), 4 shoulder buttons, Headset port, USB (Xinput)

Good for a sacrificial controller to make your own.

Hyper Stick Pro

Games Supported: Otomedius Gorgeous (360)
Obtained: April 6, 2010
Can be found for: ~$230 Import Only
Made by: Hori
Peripheral #: 98
1 non-clickable analog stick, 7 buttons (4 face, 2 system, 1 OS), laptop touch pad (acts as Right analog),
Headset port, USB (Xinput), a cool box, 6 character pin buttons


Games Supported: Link
Obtained: July 22, 2014
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: Microsoft
Peripheral #: 241
Specific version: USB
Other versions: Proprietary slim-360-only connector
A webcam with infrared depth-sensing and a microphone

Silent Scope - Sniper Rifle

Games Supported: Silent Scope Complete, House of the Dead 3 (XBOX)
Can be found for: ~$35
Made by: Pelican
Specific version: Black
Other versions: Green
1 trigger, pump, 7 buttons, kickback/rumble, 1 dpad, scope detector, memory card slot, a cool box, CRT display only lightgun (SD and HD)

Steel Battalion - Behemoth

Games Supported: Steel Battalion 1 & 2 (XBOX)
Can be found for: ~$130
Made by: Capcom
Specific version: Green buttons, first run
Other versions: Blue buttons, second run
30 light up buttons and 2 normal ones, 5 switches, a dial, 2 joysticks, 3 foot pedals, a trigger, a clickable thumbstick, a gearshift, a cool box

PC Drivers

Twin Stick Ex

Games Supported: Virtual On: Oratario Tangram and Force (360)
Obtained: April 1, 2010
Can be found for: ~$500 Import Only
Made by: Hori
-Peripheral #: 100!-
Specific version: Oratario Tangram
Other versions: Force
Non-standard headset port. 2 digital joysticks with 1 top-mounted button (L1/R1) and 1 trigger (L2/R2) on each, 7 buttons (4 face, Start/Back/Guide), USB (Xinput), a not-so-cool box

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XBOX 3 Duke controllers, 1 controller-S, DVD Remote/Kit
360 Faceplate customizer