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Dreamcast Mouse

Games Supported: The Typing of the Dead, Quake 3, Phantasy Star Online, Railroad Tycoon 2, REZ (DC)
Obtained: May 29, 2011
Can be found for: ~$10
Made by: SEGA
Peripheral number: 144
Specific version: White
Other versions: Clear

3 buttons, a scroll wheel, an XY axis solid-state/wheel (not optical) sensor

Dreamcast Twinsticks

Games Supported: Virtual On Oratario Tangram (DC)
Can be found for: ~$150 Import only
Made by: SEGA
2 analog sticks, 4 triggers, a system button, VMU slot, a cool box


Games Supported: Quake III Arena, Soldier of Fortune, KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child and StarLancer (Dreamcast)
Obtained: July 9, 2016
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: MadCatz
Peripheral number: 277
Base: VMU slot, glowing trackball, 2 analog "triggers" (no where near where triggers should be) 3 face buttons, 1 system button
Joystick: A joystick (obviously), 4 buttons, 2 triggers

Saturn NiGHTS 3D controller

Games Supported: Christmas NiGHTS, NiGHTS, Sky Target (Saturn)
Can be found for: ~$40 with game, ~$20 without
Made by: SEGA
Specific version: Black
Other versions: White
1 dpad, 2 triggers, 7 buttons (6 face, 1 system), 1 analog stick thing, a cool box

The switch toggles between the analog stick or dpad. Only one can be active at a time

Saturn Twinsticks

Games Supported: Virtual On: Operation Moonbase (Saturn)
Can be found for: ~$150 Import only
Made by: SEGA
2 triggers, 2 joysticks, 1 button, a cool box

Hi res box

Smash Controller

Games Supported: Whac-a-Critter (Genesis)
Obtained: May 8, 2012
Can be found for: ~$25
Made by: Innovation
Peripheral number: 164
9 big buttons

StarFire LightBlaster

Games Supported: List (DC)
Obtained: April 6, 2010
Can be found for: ~$15
Made by: InterAct
Peripheral number: 099
2 triggers, dpad, VMU/Vibration pack slot, Start and B buttons on each side, CRT display only lightgun (SD only)


DC VMUs, first and second party controllers, rumble pack
Adapter for: Sega Saturn (standard), PS/2 (Keyboard/Mouse), Playstation (Dual Shock, Steering Wheel) (works good in Virtual On)
Adapter for: Sega Saturn (twin sticks)
GG Master Gear adapter