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Cyber Metal Gun

Games Supported: List (DC), Silent Scope (DC)
Obtained: June 17, 2017
Can be found for: ~$30
Made by: DragonCast
Peripheral #: 329
Specific version: White
Other versions: Silver, Blue, Gold, Grey

CRT display only lightgun (SD only), dpad, 2 start buttons, mode switch/button, LEDs, memory card port, trigger, "Special Mode for Silent Scope"

Dreamcast Mouse

Games Supported: The Typing of the Dead, Quake 3, Phantasy Star Online, Railroad Tycoon 2, REZ (DC)
Obtained: May 29, 2011
Can be found for: ~$10
Made by: SEGA
Peripheral #: 144
Specific version: White
Other versions: Clear

3 buttons, a scroll wheel, an XY axis solid-state/wheel (not optical) sensor

Dreamcast Twinsticks

Games Supported: Virtual On Oratario Tangram (DC)
Can be found for: ~$150 Import only
Made by: SEGA
2 analog sticks, 4 triggers, a system button, VMU slot, a cool box


Games Supported: Quake III Arena, Soldier of Fortune, KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child and StarLancer (Dreamcast)
Obtained: July 9, 2016
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: MadCatz
Peripheral #: 277
Base: VMU slot, glowing trackball, 2 analog "triggers" (no where near where triggers should be) 3 face buttons, 1 system button
Joystick: A joystick (obviously), 4 buttons, 2 triggers

Saturn NiGHTS 3D controller

Games Supported: Christmas NiGHTS, NiGHTS, Sky Target (Saturn)
Can be found for: ~$40 with game, ~$20 without
Made by: SEGA
Specific version: Black
Other versions: White
1 dpad, 2 triggers, 7 buttons (6 face, 1 system), 1 analog stick thing, a cool box

The switch toggles between the analog stick or dpad. Only one can be active at a time

Saturn Twinsticks

Games Supported: Virtual On: Operation Moonbase (Saturn)
Can be found for: ~$150 Import only
Made by: SEGA
2 triggers, 2 joysticks, 1 button, a cool box

Hi res box

Smash Controller

Games Supported: Whac-a-Critter (Genesis)
Obtained: May 8, 2012
Can be found for: ~$25
Made by: Innovation
Peripheral #: 164
9 big buttons

StarFire LightBlaster

Games Supported: List (DC)
Obtained: April 6, 2010
Can be found for: ~$15
Made by: InterAct
Peripheral #: 099
2 triggers, dpad, VMU/Vibration pack slot, Start and B buttons on each side, CRT display only lightgun (SD only)


Games Supported:
        After Burner II, Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, Fastest 1, Galaxy Force II, Musha Aleste (Genesis)
        After Burner III, Night Striker, Starblade (Sega CD)
        After Burner Complete, Space Harrier (32X)
        After Burner II, Thunder Blade, Operation Wolf, Outrun (HuCard)
        Forgotten Worlds (Super CD)
Obtained: April 8, 2017
Can be found for: ~$80
Made by: Dempa Micomsoft
Peripheral #: 315
1 non-centering dual-axis analog stick, 1 centering rotatable (not sure if rotation is an input though) single-axis analog stick, 4 triggers, 4 face buttons, 2 system buttons, 4 front-facing switches, 1 back-facing switch, a cool box


DC VMUs, first and second party controllers, rumble pack
Adapter for: Sega Saturn (standard), PS/2 (Keyboard/Mouse), PlayStation (Dual Shock, Steering Wheel) (works good in Virtual On)
Adapter for: Sega Saturn (twin sticks)
GG Master Gear adapter