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Cronus device

Games Supported: All PC/PS3/360/PS4/X1/VitaTV/Android games that don't require Move, Kinect or some other peripheral
Obtained: July 24, 2012
Can be found for: ~$70
Made by: ControllerMAX
Peripheral #: 172
Allows you to use PS3/PS4/Wii/360/X1 controllers on PC/PS3/360/X1 (so you can use PS3 on 360/X1/PS4/PC, 360 on PS3/PS4/PC/VitaTV, or Wii on 360/X1/PS3/PS4/PC/VitaTV)
Lets you set up profiles to remap controls, and store up to 9 on the device. Switch between them via a button on the device, or button combo on the controller. You can even disable buttons (L3/R3) invert axis for games that don't allow it, change dead zones
Includes a bluetooth adapter to use PS3/Wii controllers wirelessly, and a USB cable.
API to let PC apps send data to the console it's connected to


Cyber Stick

Games Supported: Afterburner, Dash Yarou, Knight Arms, Metal Sight, Neural Gear, Overtake, Star Cruiser, Star Luster, Super Hangon, Syvalion, Thunder Blade (Sharp X68000, PC98 series, FM Towns, Sega MegaDrive/Genesis)
Obtained: April 19, 2015
Can be found for: ~$50
Made by: Sharp
Peripheral #: 253
Specific version: Sharp CZ-8NJ2
Other version: Micomsoft XE-1AJ
Ambidextrous (the sticks are swappable!) a bunch of inputs I'll need to look closer for...

More information PC adapter

Delta Six

Games Supported: All PC/PS3/XBOX360 games
Obtained: March 5, 2015
Can be found for: ~$150
Made by: Advantage via Kickstarter
Peripheral #: 251
Fill me in!

Disney Infinity figures

Games Supported: Disney Infinity (1.0/2.0/3.0) PC/PS3/360/Wii/Wii U/3DS/iOS/Vita/AppleTV
Made by: Disney
$12-$16 for figures, $34 for playsets, $75 for starter kits, $200 for the collector's edition
Figures are still in box unless they are italicized
Peripheral ID #: Date obtained:
226-1A Rapunzel figure November 26, 2013
226-1B Frozen set (Anna & Elsa figures, 2 power chips) November 27, 2013
226-1C Starter kit (Mr. Incredible, Sulley, Jack Sparrow, figures. Incredibles/Pirates of the Caribbean/Monsters Inc playset. Alice in Wonderland power disc), Mrs. Incredible, Violet Incredible, Vanellope Von Sweet figures December 21, 2013
226-1D Captain Barbossa, Davey Jones figures December 31, 2013
226-1E Mater, Mike Wazowski figures January 1, 2014
226-1F Mr. Incredible, Sulley, Jack Sparrow, Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Lone Ranger Crystal figures January 6, 2014
226-1G Toy Story set (Buzz Lightyear & Jesse), Cars set (Lightning McQueen & Holley Shiftwell), Lone Ranger set (Lone Ranger & Tonto), Syndrome, Randy, Woody, Ralph, Jack Skellington figures January 9, 2014
226-1H Dash, Francesco figures January 22, 2014
226-1I Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey figure February 13, 2014
226-1J Agent P and Phineas set March 17, 2014
226-1K Crystal Agent P figure July 16, 2015

226-2A Infinity 2.0 Starter kit Collector's edition (Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Avengers playset), Spiderman set (Spiderman, Nova, Spiderman playset), Venom figures October 5, 2014
226-2B Tinkerbell, Merida figures December 29, 2014
226-2C Mickey Crystal figure January 27, 2015
226-2D Stitch, Aladdin, Drax, Nick Fury, Iron Fist figures February 19, 2014
226-2E Maleficent figure April 4, 2015
226-2F Guardians of the Galaxy set (Star-Lord and Gamora figures, GotG playset) April 27, 2015
226-2G Princess Jasmine figure May 3, 2015
226-2H Baymax figure May 7, 2015
226-2I Hiro, Green Goblin, Loki, Yondu, Falcon, Donald Duck Figures June 2, 2015
226-2J Infinity 2.0 Starter Kit Vita edition (Black Spiderman figure, Spiderman playset) June 12, 2015
226-2K Ronan the Accuser, Groot figures July 7, 2015
226-2L Rocket Racoon figure July 11, 2015

226-3A Infinity 3.0 Starter kit (Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka figures) September 4, 2015
226-3B Quorra figure October 25, 2015
226-3C Darth Maul, Hulkbuster, Ezra Bridger, Sam Flynn, Olaf, Han Solo, Ultron, Minnie Mouse figures December 2, 2015
226-3D Chewbacca, Zeb Orrelios figures December 6, 2015
226-3E Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker Light FX figures December 12, 2015
226-3F Anakin Skywalker, Kanan Jarrus Light FX figures, Mulan figure December 22, 2015
226-3G Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, Sadness, Sabine Wren figures. Inside Out playset. Yoda, Darth Vader Light FX figures December 26, 2015
226-3H Rise Against the Empire (Luke and Leia Skywalker figures) and The Force Awakens (Finn and Rey figures) playsets January 30, 2016
226-3I Mickey Mouse figure February 15, 2016
226-3J Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Spot figures March 12, 2016
226-3K Marvel Battlegrounds playset (Captain America figure) March 19, 2016
226-3L Baloo figure April 11, 2016
226-3M Ant-man figure May 2, 2016
226-3N Boba Fett figure May 5, 2016
Poe Dameron, Vision, Black Panther May 14, 2016
226-3P Time, Alice, Mad Hatter May 24, 2016
Finding Dory playset, Nemo
June 30, 2016
226-3R Kylo Ren Light FX  July 5, 2016
Figures/Power discs: NFC tag
Crystal figures: Transparent plastic and alternate skin+experience boost in-game
Light FX figures: An LED in the lightsaber
USB Base: 3 NFC readers which can read tags stacked on top of each other (power discs), each with an RGB LED, USB, the PS3, PS4, Wii and Wii U bases are interchangeable. 360 and X1 are not.
Vita Base: 2 NFC readers, each with an RGB LED, wireless via Bluetooth, built-in rechargeable battery (via Micro USB) the power button has a red and blue LED
3DS Base: 2 NFC readers, unknown what else (do they have LEDs? does it have a built-in battery?), wireless via infrared

iOT pHAT + Red Bear Zero

Games Supported: Raspberry Pi
Obtained: December 2, 2016
Can be found for: ~$19

Made by: Kickstarter 
Peripheral #: 292-A

Red Bear Zero
Made by: 8bitdo
Peripheral #: 292-B
iOT pHAT: A wifi (802.11n) bluetooth (4.1) add-on board for raspberry pi
Red Bear Zero: Wireless  (via bluetooth), built-in rechargeable battery (via microUSB), dpad, 2 system buttons, 4 face buttons, 2 triggers, wrist strap

Jackpot Slots

Games Supported: Jackpot Slots (iOS)
Obtained: July 5, 2012
Can be found for: ~$5
Made by: New Potato Technologies, Inc  
Peripheral #: 171
An ipod touch/iphone docking bay, mini USB port, one slot machine arm 



Games Supported: All SNES/Genesis games
Obtained: February 9, 2010
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: Beeshu
Peripheral #: 93
Standard SNES controls (dpad, ABXY, Start, Select, LR), plus rapid fire options
It comes with an adapter to work on the Genesis, that only works with this controller when you flip a switch on it
Placed in Other because it would go in both Nintendo and Sega



Games Supported: All Atari games
Obtained: July 20, 2010
Can be found for: ~$20
Made by: Atari
Peripheral #: 106
Motion sensing, 1 button

Historical artifact: First controller to have motion sensing


Games Supported: Misc Android/iPhone/board games
Obtained: December 29, 2014
Can be found for: ~$50
Made by: ???
Peripheral #: 248
Built-in rechargeable battery, charges via micro USB, an automated mini-car that uses a downwards-facing camera to see the lines beneath it to follow and read color codes to change it's behavior like speed

Pinball Magic

Games Supported: Pinball Magic (iOS)
Obtained: July 4, 2012
Can be found for: ~$35
Made by: New Potato Technologies, Inc 
Peripheral #: 170
An ipod touch/iphone docking bay, side mounted flipper buttons, ball-launching plunger, a credit/select button, oscillating LED beacon and animated backbox


Sailor Moon's Wand

Games Supported: Sailor Moon to Hiragana Lesson (Playdia)
Obtained: May 23, 2012
Can be found for: ~$35 Import Only
Made by: Bandai
Peripheral #: 164
Wireless via Infrared, 2 more buttons
Katakana: プレイディア (Playdia) 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Sailor Moon)
美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS セーラームーンとひらがなレッスン!
Search URLs: Yahoo Japan Auctions 2

Skylander figures

Games Supported: Skylander (MISC)
Made by: Activision
Peripheral ID #: Date obtained:
255-GN Ninjini Giant March 8, 2016
Figures contain an NFC tag

Spherex 5.1 Surround Sound System

Games Supported: All XBOX/360/PS2/PS3/PS4 games (anything that can connect to it)
Obtained: Unknown (I didn't initially count it, but it adds a lot to games/movies)
Can be found for: ~$200
Made by: Spherex
Peripheral #: 332
Remote: Lots of buttons (I use a Logitech Harmony instead), uses 2xAA batteries (included)
Display box: Infrared port, LED display, connects to the Subwoofer box via an S-video cable
Subwoofer box: Built-in subwoofer and audio receiver, expansion slot
Connections for: 5 speakers, 2 TOSlink/optical audio cables, digital coaxial, headphones, composite audio, USB-B

Super Action Controller

Games Supported: ColecoVision games
Obtained: November 19, 2016
Can be found for: ~$15
Made by: Coleco
Peripheral #: 288
Uses standard-of-the-day Atari-joystick 9-pin D-connector, 4 triggers, 12 face buttons, dial, joystick


Games Supported: All Sinclair/Atari games
Obtained: January 15, 2010
Can be found for: ~$35
Made by: Super Soft
Peripheral #: 91
Uses standard-of-the-day Atari-joystick 9-pin D-connector, 8-way joystick (the metal stick coming out of the top), The "handle" acts as the fire button, A cool tube


Titan Two

Games Supported: All PC/PS3/360/PS4/X1/VitaTV/Android games that don't require Move, Kinect or some other peripheral
Obtained: February 22, 2016
Can be found for: ~$90
Made by:
Peripheral #: 302
Allows you to use PS3/PS4/Wii/360/X1 controllers on PC/PS3/360/X1 (so you can use PS3 on 360/X1/PS4/PC, 360 on PS3/PS4/PC/VitaTV, or Wii on 360/X1/PS3/PS4/PC/VitaTV)
Lets you set up profiles to remap controls, and store up to 9 on the device (4 internally, the rest require a microSD card). Switch between them via button on the device, or button combo on the controller. You can even disable buttons (L3/R3) invert axis for games that don't allow it, change dead zones. Includes a USB cable.
Bluetooth adapter to use PS3/Wii controllers wirelessly is sold separately


Games Supported: PS2 lightgun games, Silent Scope Complete, House of the Dead 3 (XBOX)
Obtained: May 1, 2010
Can be found for: ~$25
Made by: EMS
Peripheral #: 103
Specific version: TopGun I (not compatible with Vista/Win7)
Other versions: TopGun II
Works with PC (as a mouse), PS2 and the original XBOX, Sensor bars/pointing device, a cool box, display-independent lightgun (SD and HD), true force feedback (recoil), digital thumbstick, laser pointer and X/Y axis calibration dials, turbo switch, 6 buttons (2 triggers, start/select, A/B), takes 2 (USB/XBOX) ports (1 for data, 1 for power)

Drivers Edited Vista/Win7 INF file My Review


Games Supported: RobotWorks
Obtained: November 17 2009
Can be found for: ~$70 (with a WonderSwan) Import only
Made by: Bandai
Peripheral #: 83
Specific version: WonderSwan
Other versions: PC 
Light sensor, microphone, speaker, infra-red hole-detector, 2 antennae to detect obstructions, 6 legs/wheels, infra-red data transfer with game cart, a cool box

Somewhat programmable. You select a sensor block (ie: Detect something touching right antennae) and a reaction block (ie: turn left) And you can have it set to move forward if nothing is detected, then allow that action to be interrupted if any other sensor block is triggered

Virtual On Arcade TwinSticks

I purchased a set of arcade Virtual On Twinsticks (MSB 3.3). These things are a decade old, and weigh more than I do. They arrived July 4, 2009 and cost $150 (about the same cost as either the Saturn or Dreamcast Twinsticks)

I no longer intend to wire it to a wired 360 controller, since I have a TwinStick EX for 360

Thankfully it uses quick-disconnects (like you see on a PC power supply) so I don't have to do any soldering on the controller side

-The back of the controller is open/uncovered, since it's supposed to be mounted on an arcade system
I will need to design some sort of stand for it. The problem is being able to support the weight, and be collapsible to take up less storage space
I'm thinking normal door hinges for the feet of the stand (to prevent it from topping over and crushing me)  so they will fold inwards
Either a telescoping pipe system, with pegs to stop them from falling down in use, or an accordion/scissor-like X system (again with telescoping pipes) that unfolds and some peg/latch to hold it in place

Oki, so I can account for:

Big (Sticks) connector
Row A
1 <BLANK> = Empty
2 Brown + White = Right Stick, Right direction
3 Blue + White = Right Stick, one of the buttons
4 Pink = Left Stick, Left direction
5 Purple = Left Stick, Down direction

Row B
1 White
2 Green + White = Right Stick, Up direction
3 Fuchsia + White = Right Stick, one of the buttons
4 Light Orangy, brownish? = Left Stick, Right direction
5 Blue = Left Stick, one of the buttons

Row C
1 Pink + White = Right Stick, Left direction
2 Purple + Black = Right Stick, Down direction
3 White
4 Green = Left Stick, Up direction
5 Fuchsia = Left Stick, one of the buttons

Small (START) connector
Row D
1 White = I'd assume START
3 Green = Thick Grounding Wire

Row E
1 Yellow = START
2 Blue + White = I'd assume START
3 Pink + Black = START

(Of course I remember now that the sticks aren't analog, after I made the pic)


Part list:
VOOT software/game - check
VO twinsticks - check
Sacrificial controller - check
Soldering Gun - check

Replacement graphic
Grounding circle thingie
Female Quick Disconnects
Solder - check

To do:
Solder Female QDs to sacrificial controller using wiring schematic required from SEGA
Build stand