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Neosurf Casinos Australia

Neosurf is a trusted online internet casino payment option for Australian players.

This technique enables you to lender securely at hundreds of fully certified online casinos and it presently offers two different money transfer services.

There’s the Neosurf prepaid voucher and the Neocash MasterCard also, the second option of which was released as recently as 2018.

Below is a guide to all you should know about Neosurf and Australian casinos accepting Neosurf.

This includes a list of the best Neosurf Australian internet casino sites as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Neosurf voucher casinos.

All and everything by the end of this web page, players will be experts at using Neosurf in an online casino.

How to Use the Neosurf Prepaid Voucher?

Neosurf vouchers come in several denominations which range from 10 to 200 credits plus they can be purchased at more than 135,000 point of sale machines across the world (find the closest location for you here).

When you purchase a Neosurf voucher you’ll receive a unique 10-digit Neosurf pin code which must be entered in to the required field when coming up with your deposit at the gambling establishment.

Once you've entered the right code and then verified the amount, the funds will instantly be moved from your voucher directly to your internet casino account in a matter of secs.

It’s that simple.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Using Neosurf Prepaid Vouchers

One of the greatest reasons for having the Neosurf prepaid voucher is the fact that deposits are usually instant and that it’s such a simple payment solution to use.

You don’t need to register with Neosurf to purchase their vouchers, although the choice to indication or more and buy them via their website.

Therefore, this is a perfect online payment way for those of you who prefer to be private.

You won’t need to provide any credit card details or personal details when working with this banking method.

The other great thing about this payment option is that it’s flawlessly secure and it’s a trusted money transfer service which is currently recognised around the world.

The only major downside is that you can only just deposit.

You are unable to withdraw money with their prepaid vouchers.

You would therefore have to find an alternative payment way for when the time comes to withdrawing your winnings and this is exactly where the Neosurf Mastercard will come in convenient.

What is the Neocash Prepaid MasterCard?

The Neosurf MasterCard is otherwise known as the Neocash MasterCard and this is essentially a prepaid MasterCard that you can’t ever go overdrawn on.

You are able to top up your Neocash MasterCard in a number of different ways and when you’ve topped it up it can be used to make instant transactions both online and also at thousands of land-based retailers round the world (fundamentally wherever you see the MasterCard logo design).

In other words, not only can the Neocash MasterCard be used to purchase chips at the favourite online casino, it may also be used to buy your weekly shopping, pay back expenses and other things you would normally pay for either online or offline.

Trying to get a Neocash MasterCard is both free and simple after you have signed up with Neosurf and it will be delivered right to your door in most cases within a day.

You are able to recharge your Neocash Mastercard using a Neosurf code and there’s no need for a bank-account or any other binding contracts.

That is a flawlessly secure & reliable method and it’s fast becoming the number one online payment option for Australian players.