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A letter from President Nancy Harter:

NEOPA Members-

It's well known that members keep an organization going. Organizations vary in size, as do their boards and the work the boards do. Currently, NEOPA has 162 members and the NEOPA board requires 11 members.That means we are looking for about 7% of our membership to lead our organization-to ensure we provide staff development opportunities, to represent our group on a national level, to raise funds for our endeavors, to ensure we are an asset to educational office professionals in Nebraska. 

Members are needed to serve on our board and keep NEOPA running. A number of positions are open for the 2018-2019 year. NEOPA needs members to fill the following board positions:

  • President (meeting and board coordinator, represent NEOPA at NAEOP functions)
  • President Elect (membership coordination)
  • Vice President (conference coordination)
  • Secretary (minutes from meetings)
  • Fellowship Coordinator (Fundraising & fellowship within local associations)
  • Recognition Coordinator  (direct NEOPA recognition program for awards)
  • Leadership Coordinator  (oversee leadership activities for membership)
  • Mentoring Coordinator (coordinates mentoring program for all NEOPA and board)
  • Networking Coordinator (coordinates networking activities and marketing of NEOPA)

For clarification, the President, President Elect, Vice President and Secretary are all elected positions (the membership votes). The coordinators are not voted on. These positions are filled by members stepping up or by being appointed by the incoming President.

The members of the board work together throughout the year. Without this teamwork, we'd falter. Without working together, we can't move NEOPA forward. Our current board will act as mentors and help guide anyone new to their position. We will help each new person with their duties, develop confidence in their board position and positively impact NEOPA.

Attached to this email is the list of the 2017-2018 board members and their contact information. I encourage you to reach out to them to find out what they do in their position and the benefits they have gained from being a NEOPA board member. (FIle is below). 

I hope you will give serious considering to stepping out of your box and stepping in to a position on the NEOPA board. Please contact me if you are interested in a position or if you have questions. My contact information is: nharter@lps.org.  Our slate of officers to vote on needs to be complete by February 23.

Look at what NEOPA gives to its members and see if you can be part of the 7% that's needed for the 2018-2018 board. It's not a huge number, but the impact the board ends up making for all members is quite sizable. 

Thank you for your consideration!


Dare to Serve!

NEOPA is looking for 7% of our members who dare to serve. We encourage you to lead. 

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