A game created by James "Jayenkai" Gamble, made in 2 months.
Started September 11th 2011
Released November 13th 2011.  (1st release) 

  • Super Mario Land style, head-right, gameplay
  • Lovely Neon-styled retro graphics
  • 50 characters
  • Evil bosses to defeat
  • Tokens and credits to collect
  • Flowers to throw
  • Multitudes of extra lives (which you'll probably need!)
  • Every baddy becomes a powerup
  • And a calendar!!

The game includes a Calendar system, with 4 brand new (pseudo randomly generated) levels to play every single day!
You can play levels and collect scores for every day, from way way way back in the past, right up until today.  Each day has it's own scoreboard, and little "hats" to collect for each level.
In the morning, you get to play a whole new set of levels for that day, too!

A version for iOS has been started, but may take some time!! ;)