Fall 2010 Classes

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New Fiction Workshop section at CSU: 
An additional Fiction Section has been opened at CSU specifically for MFA students: See your Campus Coordinator if you need cross-register for this class. 

Fiction Writing Workshop - CSU - Imad Rahman - Tuesdays 6-8:50 pm. 

Playwriting Classes At CSU:
ENG 614 MFA Playwriting Workshop/Adaptation (Tuesday 3 to 5:50 pm)
Description - We will create short and full-length stage adaptations of novels, story collections, long poems/collections and works of creative non-fiction. This is an ideal course for writers interested in introducing themselves to playwriting.  We will begin by reading and seeing adapted works from the Greeks to the modern era and will proceed to workshopping longer plays.

ENG 615 MFA Craft and Theory of Playwriting (Thursday 3 to 5:50 pm)
Description - This course will study historical dramatic forms and theories from Classical Greece to modern experimental theatre.  We'll work to define and explore tragedy, expressionism, absurdism, theatre of cruelty, the well-made play and realism.  Authors include Sophocles, Euripides, Hroswitha of Gandersheim, Shakespeare, Buchner, Ibsen, Chekhov, Strindberg, Moliere, Sophie Treadwell, Hellman, Lorca, Naomi Wallace, Fornes.
Classes that are filled include: 
    Fiction Craft and Theory - Barzak - CSU
    Fiction Workshop - Mitchell - CSU
    Poetry Workshop - Dumanis - CSU
    Nonfiction Workshop - Giffels - UA
    Fiction Workshop - Pope - UA
    Literary Criticism - Nunn - UA 
See attached document for Fall 2010 classes. 
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