Fall 2011 Classes

The schedule of classes for NEOMFA credit is in the attachment below. For elective courses see the class schedule at each gateway or consult your Campus Coordinator.  

Cross registration forms are on the "For Current Students" Page. If you are cross-registering at another campus, contact the Campus Coordinator of that gateway so a spot in the class can be saved for you. 

The following classes are now FULL:

        Giffels' Craft and Theory of Nonfiction at UA
        Rahman's MFA Lit class  (3-5:50pm, Th) at CSU

The following classes can be taken as electives: 


ENG 65051   Literacy:  Functions, Practices and History    T    4:25-7:05 PM    117 Satterfield Hall    Professor Raymond Craig

ENG 66895    Special Topics:  Culture of American Literacy   T   2:15-5:00 PM    108 Satterfield Hall   Professor Margaret Shaw

ENG 67104    Social and Cultural Theory and Criticism   T & TH   5:30-6:45 PM   112A Satterfield Hall   Professor Kevin Floyd

Mar 31, 2011, 10:41 AM