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Meeting terminology

            Raffle—At each meeting we have a raffle. Tickets are 6 for $5. If your number is called, you can select from the array of tools and other items of interest of wood turners. The first number called can select from all of them, the second from the remainder, and the third from the remainder again until all of the Items (usually 6 or 7) have been taken. At the end of the raffle you can put your name on the back of the tickets, and place them in the jar for the quarterly “big prize” drawing. The “big prize” will normally be an expensive wood turning accessory.

            Tool and Sandpaper Sales—At each meeting sandpaper, sanding accessories, greenwood sealer and selected tools are offered for sale to members at significant discounts.

          Show and Tell-- During the months that we have a Master Turner Demonstration and Teaching Clinics, we have an extended show and tell instead of a demonstration at our regular meeting. Members are invited to bring a piece that they have turned to display and to tell other members how they made it, what was difficult or easy, what is special about it, how they finished it and anything else that will be of interest to other members.

            Regular Meeting Demonstrations—at six of the other regular meetings each year one of our members or a member from a nearby club will demonstrate a technique, that the Program Committee feels will be of interest to our members. Regular Meetings are held on the third Tuesday.

Board Meetings—The Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of the Month. The Board of Directors is comprised of the four officers (President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer), four directors at large, two of which are elected each year and the immediate past president. The Board is responsible to the members for the operation of the Organization. Most of the work that is done in organizing and implementing the programs that NEOWTA wishes to undertake is done through Committees—such as Program, Finance, Facilities, etc. (see our bylaws). If you want to help the organization, volunteer for a committee

            Master Turner Demonstrations --On Four Saturdays each year we have a master turner that we pay to come to Tulsa and Demonstrate a special technique again that the Program Committee feels will be of interest to our members. The Current Fee for Master Turner Demonstrations is $25 for Members and $30 for nonmembers. A light lunch is provided.

Clinics and Workshops

            Master Turner Teaching Clinics—On the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday following the Demonstration mentioned above, we have all day teaching clinics where our members can practice and develop the skills that were demonstrated on Saturday. If you have a minimum skill in wood turning, chances are, that these Master Turners can help you develop skill and confidence in your ability to turn. They are selected on their ability to teach and their knowledge of special techniques. Even our most experienced turners have found that they learn “a little something or other” that they are later able to incorporate in their turnings. One of the other benefits of workshops is the camaraderie (and critique) with fellow NEOWTA members. You must be a paid up member to attend a Teaching Clinic. If the program committee has selected a Master Turner, you can be sure that they are good at what they do. The current fee is $100/day for master turner teaching clinics. You may also need to purchase wood or other supplies but you will turn out something that you will cherish (probably).

Education Teaching Workshops—these are turning development workshops such as the “Learn to Turn” series or other turning specials such as the upcoming chucking workshop.

Education Special Workshops—these are special workshops that are held under the sponsorship of the Education Committee. Examples are tool making, coloring, wood burning pen making.

Future—We expect to develop more turning opportunities for learning, competitions, and outreach (such as Scout Education) in the near future.

Other Clubs and Opportunities

There are several other clubs in the Area such as the Central Oklahoma Woodturners in Oklahoma City, State-line Wood Turners in Springfield AR, and Southwest Turners in Broken Bow.

American Association of Woodturners

This is the national organization and NEOWTA is a Chapter of the AAW. The AAW has an annual three day symposium that features well known turners, a giant “instant gallery” (where attendees bring their latest creations for display—good and bad), a youth education room, a large vendor area for tools, wood and accessories. The AAW also publishes “The American Woodturner” Journal for members. Membership in the AAW is $53 per year with the print subscription to the Journal or $43 with access to the digital version online. Officers and Directors of NEOWTA must be members of the AAW for it to provide liability insurance in case someone is injured at a NEOWTA sponsored event.


SWAT (Southwest Association of Turners)  Sponsors SWAT Symposium.

This organization is made up of AAW Chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas and NEOWTA is a member. In late August each year it holds a Friday, Saturday and Sunday Symposium in Waco, Texas. It is similar to the AAW Symposium but less expensive, closer and many of the demonstrators compare with those at the AAW symposium. There are many vendor booths with, lathes, wood, tools, finishing supplies, etc. with the latest technology for wood turning. There is a "huge" Instant gallery where you can display your turnings along with the other attendees and entries into the "Beads of courage" competition. All entries are photographed by the SWAT photographer.There is an extensive “spouses” program. It is rumored that some of the spouses bring their turners so that they can attend this interesting program. There is a a chance to win tools, turnings and even lathes (such as a Stubby or Jet) at a “two for one” raffle where (1 you can win wood turned art at the Saturday Banquet or 2) you can win tools up to full size lathes at the Sunday luncheon. SWAT Symposium is the only activity of SWAT. The reason that is less expensive is that it is entirely run by volunteers. NEOWTA volunteers over the past few years have handled onsite registration and helped to sell logo-ware. 


Masters at Work

This annual event pits several wood turners from Oklahoma and Texas in competitions. The turning competition was held September 12th – 13th, 2014 in the courtyard of the Museum. Artists  arrive with a piece of wood, their lathe and tools and let their creativity take over as they turn the wood into a beautiful work of art for the Beads of Courage Program.