Turners to Go



Southwest Association of Turners (SWAT) invites the many talented turners and demonstrators from the entire SWAT region to visit the website, www.swaturners.org, and register to become a regional demonstrator.  This program should be a benefit to our member organizations as many have indicated a need for a way to locate demonstrators who would be willing to travel to their clubs.


Once the application form is filled out and submitted, the SWAT “Turners to Go” committee will check it for completeness then put it online.  Member organizations looking for demonstrators can search through the website by name or by subject.  SWAT will not set nor require any particular fees to be paid to the demonstrators.  That will be left entirely up to the host club.


This service is intended to provide the names of talented woodturners who are willing to demonstrate for the various SWAT member organizations, but without applicants, the program will not succeed.  Therefore, please go online today and fill out the application form.