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Here is the info about what we will be doing.

Some 1 ½ x 8 x 8 cherry will be made available for purchase so that students can turn the dome shaped discs referred to below.

Hands-on session (2 day)

Adding Relief Carving to Your Woodturnings   (See attached Tools and Supplies list students should bring. )

Day 1 - We’ll be using rotary power carvers for this hands-on session.  I’ll take you, step by step, through the process I use to create my “leaf wrapped” vessels. You don’t need any previous experience with power carving, just a desire to learn the techniques.

Day 2 - A different approach. I’ll show how I do my clover pattern with the power carver. We’ll cover using the woodburner for adding detail and the application of color using the dry brush technique with fluid acrylic paints.

The focus of my classes is all work off the lathe i.e. after the piece is turned. No lathes are required. We would just need 8” folding tables (no more than 2 students/table), chairs, extension cords and a power strip/table and decent light. I can handle 8- 10 students fairly easily.

Tools & supplies students should bring:

Rotary power carver

My personal preference, for what I do, is a micro motor. One suggestion is the

Mastercarver Micro-Pro Champion, found at Another is the Ram 207A Micro Motor found at No need for the foot control. If you are planning to bring a flex-shaft, such as Foredom, please check your maximum rpms. Some of the older ones only go up to 18,000 rpms. This will cause some problems. The majority of my carving is done in the 25,000 – 35,000 rpm range. Also, if you bring a flex-shaft I would recommend bringing a portable tool stand.    Be sure to have a 3/32” collet for your carver.

  • Contact me if you need help or have questions.

Carving Burrs – Please bring the following burrs plus your favorites. They can be found at MDI Woodcarvers Supply    1-800-866-5728

stump cutter (you will need 2) #20-B5       $7.75 ea.     

mini stump cutters      # 21-SET36    $5.25

and           # 21-SET39     $5.25

Diamond cutter set #17-20S $7.50

Typhoon/ Saburr  bur # 37- 3F1Y $12.95

Turned Disc - You should bring a turned dome shaped disc about 6”-8” in diameter. This must be dry wood not green. Cherry is preferred choice. Avoid woods with open grain or ones that may cause allergic reactions. You mainly want a nice tight grain wood with no figure. This will enable you to practice working on a curved surface, before attempting one of your turnings.

             Making disc_2Making disc_1

1-1/4” thick by about 6”-8” diameter dome shape disc works well. I make mine out of kiln dry board stock. (I may have some for purchase if you don’t get around to making one)

Woodburner – If you have one

Also Bring:  dust mask, ear plugs, old tooth brush and pencil & paper. If you need magnifiers for detail work, don’t forget to bring those. A task light is very helpful, also, a cushion to sit on. It’s a long day of sitting!

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