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I dreamed to be a great scientist when I was a child. Einstein was my idol. I had taught myself science, philosophy and arts while I was a teenager. I even tried doing physics and chemistry experiments with materials I found,tools I made and ideas of my own.  My youthhood seemed to be naive, vigorous and visionary.

O.K. You got it, my dream had faded out in the later youthhood for some reasons I can't tell.

In later 1999, I had my home computer and started writing once in a while. Here are some of my writings from 1999 to 2003. I seldom write now for lack of spare time. I might write again in the future when I retire. 

怀念无书可读的年代                                     拉肚子

Discovery-大象                                                五鬼吟

向卡夫卡致敬                                                新诗一首

神经大法                                                       子曰诗云

陕北行                                                           从桃花岛到百姓酒馆

一件小事                                                       争荣岁月