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Mr Holder Indict These Criminals NOW

These Guys Need to Go Directly to Court Mr Holder

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WE The People Say Put Bush and Cheney IN the Docks Now Mr. Holder

WE Do Not need any more proof; These ARE War Criminals

Bush, Cheney, Condie, Laura and Karl to Write Books.

Bush, Cheney, Condie, Laura and Karl to Write Books Explaining ‘Everything’

Sunday, March 29th, 2009 at 12:37 am

This is the eighth post in a series, posted on conjunction with Politicus.US on the subject of accountability of the Bush 43 administration and in support of Senator Patrick Leahy’s “commission of inquiry”. Links to our previous articles are at the bottom.


bush glasses Bush, Cheney, Condie, Laura and Karl to Write Books Explaining EverythingIf you have read our posts up to now and watched the videos, you must realize that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of their administration have a whole lot of explaining to do as far as 9/11, the lies leading up to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, domestic spying, the firing of the U.S. Attorneys, the use of torture, the further deregulation of what they have the gall to call “our financial system” and a whole gamut of other issues.

It appears then that rather than having to explain their deeds in a court of law (let’s not lose hope here), the boys have decided to publish their memoirs in book form.

Bush’s book tentatively titled Decision Points, is scheduled for a 2010 release by Crown.

bush book 911 Bush, Cheney, Condie, Laura and Karl to Write Books Explaining EverythingInstead of telling his life story, Bush will concentrate on about a dozen personal and presidential choices, from giving up drinking (that was probably a mistake, as maybe he wouldn’t have committed all of those errors, while in a drunken stupor) to picking Dick Cheney as his vice president to sending troops to Iraq. He will also write about his relationship with family members, including his father, his religious faith and his disgraceful response to Hurricane Katrina.

We know that George W. Bush has had an extensive experience with books. This photo from the morning of September 11, 2001 is a case in point.

Financial details were not disclosed, although publishers have openly expressed doubt that Bush would receive the $15 million Clinton got for his memoir, My Life.

dick cheney aipac Bush, Cheney, Condie, Laura and Karl to Write Books Explaining EverythingThere are even rumors, that Bush asked Dick Cheney to write the book for him. Andy Borowitz writes: “according to sources close to the former president, Mr. Cheney was his second choice to write the memoir after Mr. Bush was turned down by his first choice, author James Frey.

Known for his reluctance to acknowledge mistakes, Bush said the book would include self-criticism, “Absolutely, yes,” but cautioned that “hindsight is very easy” and that he would make sure readers could view events as he saw them.

“I want to recreate what it was like, for example, right after 9/11,” he said, “and have people understand the emotions I felt and what others around me felt at the time.”

Asked if he might write about the ouster of his first defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, or about his decision not to pardon Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, choices both openly disputed by Cheney, Bush said he didn’t know.

We suppose that if Cheney actually has anything to do with Bush’s book, those chapters may very well have the expected flavor.

Most top officials in the Bush administration, from Condie Rice to Karl Rove, have either completed their books or are in the midst of writing them. Dick Cheney has said he plans to pen a memoir and Laura Bush has a deal with Scribner.

Frankly, what could any of those books tell us that we already don’t know? Will they reveal the true events of 9/11, the “intelligence findings” about supposed WMD’s in Iraq, or how the administration has colluded with the Wall Street crooks? Those would be revelations of the first magnitude, but don’t expect to see any of them in any of these books.

Save your money and buy something actually worth reading and short of supporting Senator Patrick Leahy’s “commission of inquiry” and a much needed investigation by the Justice Department of the eight years of Bush’s and the neocons’ rule, we would much rather forget all of these distasteful characters and just wait for what history will really have to say about them.


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