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The Bush Gang

How Bout a lil game of Truth or Dare ?

for the next week, we will focus on the Truth and how we may be forced to get it, from Dick and Dumber. we've thrown our support behind the movement for a special prosecutor and it's our humble opinion that we need to act now. In Essence, to wait will be a national mistake. the crimes are still fresh, and in the minds of the people who were the victims, globally. the blood and reputation of America was spilled in the name of game; so why not see if Game Recognizes Game on the battlefield; of a Truth Commission. Sen. Patrick Leahy has come up with an agenda and hopes to get the much needed support of the us citizens; in forming this court and investigating commission. it is the right of the american people to have the truth about why these two liars could walk away; from such a huge mess. President Obama must put his support behind Atty Gen Eric Holder's formation of such a commission; in order to give it the credibility that it will need to remove the years of lies blockading the facts.

The Iraq War was not an american conflict - yet we are still paying for it as we live and breathe this moment. President Obama says that his goal is to bring the troops out of Iraq in 16 months.but why should he then move them into Afghanistan ? when will there be enough of this sectarian violence for oil ? enjoy this opening preview of our week of "Truth and Revelation", starring amongst others Dick Chaney, Bush 43, Cuntilicious, Scooter, Karl Rowe and many others. This is a part of a piece from Salon,

Pardon the Bush miscreants

By Joe Conason Feb. 13, 2009 | More than 60 percent of Americans believe that alleged abuses and atrocities ordered by the Bush administration should be investigated either by an independent commission or by federal prosecutors. In a poll released yesterday by the Gallup Organization, 38 percent favors criminal sanctions against officials who authorized torture or other outrages in the "war on terror," while another 24 percent favors an investigation without criminal charges. At the same time, 34 percent prefers that the Obama administration simply leave its wayward predecessors be. While that survey shows strong public support for holding the miscreants of the Bush era accountable, it also suggests the powerful constraints that are likely to block such measures. Considering the institutional reluctance in Washington to punish political offenders (especially when they happen to be Republicans), the president's bipartisan approach to governing, and the very real sense that America faces more urgent issues in the economic emergency, there would seem to be little chance of real action. Nevertheless, Sen. Patrick Leahy is now urging that Congress and the American people consider the need to probe the dark side of the Bush years, using a process modeled partly on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of post-apartheid South Africa. Speaking at Georgetown University on Feb. 9, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee proposed a broad, independent inquiry that would probe not only the use of torture and other violations of the U.S. Constitution and the Geneva Conventions, but might also delve into partisan abuses in the Justice Department and the misuse of intelligence to promote the invasion of Iraq.

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Leahy: Truth commission may be only way to get truth

This is clipped from a piece on Time Mag's Site -
Ankle cuffs are used to restrain prisoners at the detention facility at the U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Ankle cuffs are used to restrain prisoners at the detention facility at the U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty
As Leahy envisions it, the Truth Commission's priorities would be to investigate the politicization of prosecution in the Justice Department under former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; the wiretapping of U.S. Citizens; the flawed intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq; and the use of torture at Guantanamo and so-called black sites abroad.
Leahy's commission is to be modeled after one that investigated the apartheid regime in South Africa. The panel would have subpoena power but would not bring criminal charges. The South African commission also allowed those testifying to seek immunity from prosecution. ------- to read the entire piece, click the article title link -------