Welcome to Summer Camp 2018! 

This camp is focused on expanding knowledge in the world of Theatre Arts. We will focus on acting, singing, dancing, and improvisational techniques. We will also work on projects focused around: designing a set, designing costumes, creating costumes, sound design, lighting design and makeup. 

This two week camp from July 9th to July 20th is chock full of fun activities and learning. At the end of the two weeks on: 

Saturday July 21st at 1:00 PM

there will be a show that the children will have been working on. There is no admission charge, and all are welcome! 

I cannot wait to work with your children and teach them about the world of Theatre Arts!

If you are looking to register and do not attend North End Montessori or Meetinghouse Montessori, I will post the registration form under the heading "Forms and Documents" on the left.

~ Margaret Windler