Learn 21: Game-based m-learning for children in kindergarten, 2017, (CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-009828). PI: Dionisia Laranjeiro, TM: Nelson Zagalo

Development of interactive books through smart and functional materials, 2016, (FCT PTDC/EEI-SII/5582/2014). PI: J. Rocha, TM: Pedro Branco, Nelson Zagalo, Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez

Bridging Book - Traditional books for the new generation, 2014, (EL-HHP-2014), engageLab-UM, Hung Hing Printing - Hong Kong. PI: Pedro Branco. TM: Ana Carina Figueiredo, Ana Lúcia Pinto, Nelson Zagalo

SIMPE - Superfícies Interactivas Multitoque baseadas em Polímeros Electroactivos, 2014, - QREN-ADI- 23122 - SI I&DT - (ADI/FEDER). Start: 01/2014; Duration: 15 months. PI: Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez

Produção de Vídeos Regionais, 2013, (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Ave e CECS/UM). Start: 04/2013; Duration: 6 months. PI: Nelson Zagalo

EngageBook: touch, read and play , 2012, (FCT PTDC/CCI-COM/119030/2010). Start: 04/ 2012; Duration: 34 months. PI: Nelson Zagalo

Juxtapositioned reflective performance enabling science and technology learning, 2012, (FP7-ICT-2011-8 CP-FP-INFSO), Grant agreement no: 317964, Starting date: 10/2012, Duration: 36 months, PI UMinho: Rui José

From Games to Mobile-Learning Interactive Activities, 2012, (FCT PTDC/CPE-CED/118337/2010 ). Start Starting: 12/2012; Duration: 36 months. PI: Ana Amélia

Developing the Next Generation of Hybrid Learning Materials, 2011, (FCT PTDC/CPE-CED/110417/2009). Start: January 2011; Duration: 36 months. PI: Clara Coutinho

Processing Social Signals in Human-Computer Interaction, 2010, (FCT PTDC/EIA-EIA/098634/2008). Start: April 2010; Duration 34 months. PI: Pedro Branco

História dos Videojogos em Portugal (Portuguese History of Videogames), 2009, EngageLab / Universidade do Minho. Ref: engageLab_proj_2009_003 Start: January 2010; Duration: 24 months. PI: Nelson Zagalo

VirtualActor - Development of a software framework for animating 3D virtual characters, employing partially autonomous virtual actors, 2008,(FCT PTDC/EIA/69236/2006). Start: 2008; Duration: 36 months. PI: Ido Iurgel

Development of a sketch-based instructional laboratory for Digital Arts and Computer Graphics , 2007, (HP Teaching Tech 2007). Start: 2007, Duration: 24 months. PI: Adérito Marcos

INSCAPE - Interactive Storytelling for Creative People, 2004, (EC FP6 - IST - IP - 0041500). Start: 2004, Duration: 48 months; PI UA: Nelson Zagalo