Teens Opposing Poverty

Teens Opposing Poverty 

Our youth group participates in a local mission called 
"TOP" or "Teens Opposing Poverty." This program gives us an opportunity to help homeless people, poor people and hungry people who have hopes, dreams, struggles, tragedies and fears just like us. 

In serving in this mission we strive to help meet the physical needs of poor people, provide friendship, encouragement, hope and dignity. 

We travel to Charlottesville, VA to provide food, hygiene items, compassion and words of encouragement to the homeless. We are always seeking donations of clothing and travel sized hygiene products to hand out. Donations can be dropped off at the church for the "TOPS" project.

One of our youth takes time to reflect on a recent TOP trip:                                                                    "These people are never in any rush to get all the food they could. They didn’t just need a full belly, they needed a helping hand and someone that would listen. This also shows them respect and gives them the feeling that someone DOES care. Most of the people sit down with us and tell us their troubles, as in how life is and how they call on God to help them get through their struggles. 

One man shared an amazing poem about how he believed higher-class men looked down on homeless people just because of their reputation. This man, without a doubt, was trying his hardest to get back on his feet. I would say our words of encouragement gave them a little nudge in the right direction. I’m always happy to say that I might have made a difference."

To learn more about this program you can visit Teens Opposing Poverty