Program Committees

NOWW Committee

The NOWW committee is a melding of four components: Nurture, Outreach (Missions), Worship and Witness (see descriptions below). Each of these components has its own committee that independantly functions however, once a month the four become one.  

NOWW meetings provide an opportunity for everyone to come together to plan the church calendar with activities and events, and bring our talents and ideas together cohesively that we pray will result in a well rounded blend of ministries, programs and outreach while maintaining a balance between our diversity. 

The NOWW committee reaches every aspect of the church.  We nurture our own members as well as reaching out to our community.  We involve all ages in each component of NOWW as we work to witness our Lord’s Word.

This committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM and is open to anyone wishing to attend.


Nurture Committee

The Nurture Committee strives to make this a welcoming church and nurture people in faith. They seek to help Christians grow in their walk of faith through education and programs aimed at Christian Growth. This committee provides fellowship, comfort and practical support to members of the church and their families to give our growing membership opportunities to become closer.

The Nurture Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. The committee is open to anyone interested in attending.


Outreach Committee

The Outreach (aka “MnM” or “Methodists in Mission”) Committee identifies mission needs and ways our church can help with those needs, determines funding resources necessary to carry out these various missions, discusses ways we can make our missions successful and reflects on the very foundation of why we are here: To serve our God.

MnM meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM. The committee is open to anyone interested in attending.


Witness Committee

The Witness Committee teaches our congregation how to reach out to people to share the love of Jesus Christ. They have helped people to understand that we witness in many different ways everyday however, we often don’t recognize that what we are naturally doing is actually witnessing! 

This committee gives us the spiritual skills to help us become more purposeful with our witnessing through outreach, programs, Bible studies, getting out into the community and in our every day lives. 

This committee meets on an "as needed" basis as determined by the chairperson.


Worship Committee

The Worship Committee deals with all aspects of the worship service each week.  The committee works with our congregation to assign persons to serve as ushers, communion assistants, greeters, lay readers, liturgists and acolytes. They also coordinate with individuals who volunteer to provide monthly altar flowers. As the church seasons change, they decorate the Sanctuary and ensure the correct seasonal colors and candles are in place. The worship committee also coordinates acolyte training.  

Along with the Pastor, choir director and pianist, they work on the preparing for worship, the needs in worship (hearing, visual, etc.) and any additional services beyond Sunday morning. They also listen to and prayerfully consider congregational feedback on the flow and content of worship.

They strive to assist the congregation in becoming increasingly aware of the meaning, purpose, and practice of worship.

The Worship Committee meets on an "as needed" basis determined by the chairperson.

Shepherd Committee

Visit our Nurture page to learn more about this committee or click on this link: The Shepherd Committee