The Science Bus

                                                       Image courtesy of the Nelson Mail

Retired Richmond engineer, Peter Knowles is surely  the district’s most ingenious and effective science educator. Using gadgets he’s designed and built himself, such as a planetary simulator, he makes himself available to the region’s schools to demonstrate an array of scientific principles. He tailors his lessons to the age, stage and curriculum needs of the children involved. As well as having one of the best appointed private astronomy observatories in the country, Peter’s house is an Aladdin’s cave full of his wondrous inventions. Some, like his high-voltage generator which bounces sparks around like something out of a science fiction movie, are truly spectacular. In teaching science in an experiential and often participatory fashion, they all have a story to tell. The NSS has applied for funds from the Dick Roberts Trust to buy Peter a “science van” and meet his running costs. The Trust was very quick to recognise the value of what Peter does and have been most generous. We are fully committed to supporting Peter’s science educational work for at least the next three years.