Book club

Proposal by Jenny Easton: a monthly book discussion group where people talk about one (or more) science type books they have been reading, with an option to loan.  A discussion can follow, and, if interest warrants, other copies found.  It doesn’t matter if no one wants to read it as the group still functions with people hearing about science books that others have read and enjoyed.  The book doesn’t have to be current, but one that has interesting or challenging ideas, is well written or informative.

“Science books” would include popular science authors like Michael Pollan, Jared Diamond, Tim Flannery, Norman Doidge, Steven Pinker etc.

The group size is best at about 10, to cater for a few absentees and still enough for interest, and fit comfortably into some ones living room. Not everyone will have a large enough room but probably half the group will and can take turns.

Suggested time is 7-9pm, starting with 10 mins chat around a cup of tea or coffee (to allow for late comers) then 10 mins per person going around the room with everyone having a turn. Suggested date would be 1st or second Wednesday or Thursday of the month.

I am happy to facilitate the first year of the group, ie make an email list, and roster for the group once the date has been chosen.

Contact  if you are interested in this group, or want more information.