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Welcome to the webpage of the Nelson Science Society (NSS) and its constituent, the Astronomy Section. The NSS is a branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand and exists to promote science within the Nelson/Tasman region - we do this by holding regular scientific talks from a variety of experts throughout the year and by promoting science education in schools and colleges.

The Astronomy section is run as an independent constituent of the NSS and maintains its own program of events (see Astronomy Section pages for full details and newsletter). Please bookmark this website to see details of all upcoming events sponsored by the NSS and its Astronomy section (and other events of interest), and to see details of past activities etc.

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Next events

Friday 18th September 7:00 pm. Astronomy section star party.

Cawthron Atkinson Observatory which is on the grounds of the Clifton Terrace School. Gold coin entry.

Monday, 21st September, 6.00pm. When Neanderthals and modern humans met. Human evolution from 60,000 – 30,000 years ago. Professor Tom Higham, Oxford University. (Allan Wilson Center talk). Maitai rooms, Rutherford Hotel. Gold coin donation on entry.

60,000 years ago we were not the only species of humans in the world. There were at least three others — Neanderthals, the Denisovans and the so-called Hobbit (Homo floriensis).
We now know through ancient DNA research that our species, Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH), and Neanderthals, probably interbred prior to the wider dispersal of modern people. Recent research will help us to understand how we came to be the only human species on Earth. In this talk Tom will focus on what happened after moderns came out of Africa and describe new research on the chronology of these events.

BOOKINGS: To ensure a seat, go to: click ‘Register Online’ under ‘Events’.

Tuesday, September 29, 7.30pm. Effect of global warming on the work place. Tord Kjellstrom. Room A211, NMIT. Members free entry, all others gold coin donation.