Legally suffix to your name, BA/MA/BS/MS/BCA/MCA//BBA/MBA/DBA/BE/ME/BTech/MTech/BL/ML/MD/MCh/MDS/PhD/etc.


ADMISSION AS AN AFFILIATE STUDENT - Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees

NM University admits to its non-credit bearing, non-traditional degree programs globally a number of students, graduates, diploma holders, business men, etc., who further do not wish to proceed to either a traditional college or traditional university qualification or Government and other jobs that require traditional degrees, but wish to only graduate to enhance their knowledge, upgrade their entrepreneurial skills, have new careers, increase their chances of employability, advance in job with promotions, improve their self, which could lead them to more money, more security, and a better way of life.

All students who pursue these non-credit bearing degree programs are known as affiliate students and study in this way. Please note that no transferable credits are provided. Students at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level can be admitted as an affiliate student.

All of NMU degrees are legal and legitimate. However, please note that degrees in certain disciplines require special registrations with Government certified bodies for practise in those disciplines. However, if that is your goal, then please check before enrolling whether the non-credit bearing, non-traditional first degrees from NMU, may help you to do so or not. If you have first degrees by virtue of which you have done your registrations, then, you may acquire your second non-credit bearing, non-traditional degrees from NMU.



Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A. / PhD)

Areas of concentrations;

The student may choose the area of study from the following topics.

General Administration / Human Resources Management/ Finance Management / Purchase Management/ Production Management / Industrial Management/ Media Management / Project Management / Construction Management / Management Information Systems / Environment Management/ Tourism Management / Shipping and Logistics Management / Portfolio Management / Marketing Management / Small Business Management / Materials Management / Foreign Trade (Import / Export) Management / Sales Management / Total Quality Management / Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management/ Contract Management / Hotel – Hospital – Catering – Restaurant Management / Operations Management / Travel / Airlines Management / Cargo & Courier Management / Office Management / Quality Assurance Management / Equity Research & Analysis Management / Merchant Banking & Financial Services / Industrial Security & Safety – Fire Management / Hire Purchase & Leasing Finance Management / Consulting Management / International Business Management / International Marketing Management / Communication Management / Market Research / Public Relation / Advertising / Training & Development / Interior design & Decoration / Computer in office Management / Business & Labour Laws / Journalism / Fashion design & Technology / Computer Software application / Maintenance Management / Hospital Administration / Others


Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Engineering (B.E. / M.E. and PhD)

Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Science (B.S. / M.S., B.Sc. / M.Sc. and PhD)

Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Technology (B. Tech. / M. Tech and PhD)

Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Architecture (B. Arch / M. Arch and PhD)

Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Computer Application (BCA / MCA and PhD)

Areas of Specialization;

Eg.,Aeronautical / Automobile / Agriculture / Chemical / Civil / Computer Science/ Electricals / Electronics / Industrial / Mechanical / Production / Textile / Petroleum / Bio Medical / IT/ and any other. elor / Master / Doctor of Engineering (B.E. / M.E. and PhD)

Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Science (B.S. / M.S., B.Sc. / M.Sc. and PhD) · Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Technology (B. Tech. / M. Tech and PhD)· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Architecture (B. Arch / M. Arch and PhD)· Bachelor / Master / Doctor of Computer Application (BCA / MCA and PhD) Areas of Specialization;Eg.,Aeronautical / Automobile / Agriculture / Chemical / Civil / Computer Science/ Electricals / Electronics / Industrial / Mechanical / Production / Textile / Petroleum / Bio Medical / IT/ and any other.


Areas of Specialization;

Allopathic Medicine and Veterinary Science (in various disciplines)– MD / PhD / MS / Mch / MDS / Others. (Only qualified, Government approved and registered Medical Doctors are eligible to apply on providing proof.)

Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Unani and Chinese System of Medicine in various disciplines - MD / PhD (Only qualified, Government approved and registered Medical Doctors are eligible to apply on providing proof. Others may opt for Honorary Degrees.)

Alternative Medical Therapies, Herbal Medicines, Yoga, Acupuncture and Others- MD/ PhD




Martial Arts


 Any discipline; History, Sociology, Anthropology, Language, Commerce, Economics, Accounting, Human Rights, Women Studies, Social Work, etc. (BA / MA / PhD)



Any discipline. (BA / MA / PhD)

· Any discipline; History, Sociology, Anthropology, Language, Commerce, Economics, Accounting, Human Rights, Women Studies,Social Work, etc. (BA / MA / PhD)· Any discipline. (BA / MA / PhD)

Print / TV / Film / Digital Media Studies – Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communications, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Engineering and others. (BA / MA / BSc / MSc / PhD)

· Print / TV / Film / Digital Media Studies – Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communications, Film Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Engineering and others. (BA / MA / BSc / MSc / PhD)


BL / ML / PhD. Any discipline.

· Any discipline.


BA / MA / PhD. Any discipline.

· Any discipline.


Any discipline. (BSc / MSc / PhD)

· Any discipline. (BSc / MSc / PhD)


If a student determines that a particular country / state have a requirement for a course not in the list of programs offered by NMU, the student may request the Dean to have a course. The request will be specially considered by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and upon his recommendation, will be offered to the student.

Note: Some programs / courses may not be available for offer to the students, for the current session.

Eligibility for Admission as an affiliate student.

Bachelors’ Degree:

Open University System

NMU believes that the student is a mature, conscientious and responsible individual who is sincere in his desire for education NMU recognizes this by granting admission to them without any formal eligibility criteria.

The only entry requirements are an open mind and common sense. Work experience is desired, but not essential. The courses are designed for students, practicing managers, entrepreneurs, and for that matter, any reasonably matured person. Reasonable knowledge of English is essential to pursue the programs.

Candidates please note that, acceptance in the science, engineering and technology programs is contingent upon possession of prior work experience as a practical technician / engineer or professionally oriented or at the least, a high school diploma. Medical programs are only for qualified, Government certified doctors.

Masters’ Degree:

Any relevant Bachelors’ Degree from NMU or equivalent.

Doctoral Degree:

Any relevant Masters’ Degree from NMU or equivalent.

Students are admitted to Doctoral programs, if the candidate is professionally successful and demonstrates an intellectual ability to understand and integrate information successfully, or demonstrates the ability to do professional level research, evidenced beyond doubt, through the application material submitted.


NMU believes that its students are mature and motivated to achieve their educational goals. And rigorous examination procedures beat the very purpose of the Institution is very existence and its basic philosophy, to allow the students to earn a qualification on a much more flexible basis than traditional institutions. Qualifications are earned by demonstrating what you know, understood, and skills & the knowledge acquired, not how long you can warm a chair, and then later regurgitating them out.


Every student of the bachelors program will be required to submit a project report / bachelors level thesis prepared on the basis of investigations carried out, on possible solution for a typical problem of current interest in the area of concentration. The final works submitted by the candidates are evaluated and suitable grades are awarded to them.


The students of the Master’s program will submit a Master’s Thesis. The focal theme of which must be, how the student has actually implemented what he has learned successfully. The report should demonstrate the capability of the student for some creative potential and original approach to solve the practical problems in today’s world. The report should include fields surveys, interpretation, planning and design, presented in a comprehensive manner with recommendations for solutions based on scientifically worked out data.


Each student enrolled for the Doctoral program is required to do a doctoral research leading to a dissertation, in the area of study or experience of the candidate. The dissertation at the doctoral level must reflect professional and academic excellence. Before the student is formally permitted to begin work on the thesis or dissertation, a research proposal following acceptable guidelines must be submitted to the Graduate review committee of NMU, for approval.


The students will have to seek the help of a qualified Project guide in order to complete the thesis successfully. A certification from a reputed and relevant individual stating that the project / thesis / dissertation were originally produced by the candidates should be enclosed, while sending the completed material to NMU.

The candidates are requested to obtain the certification from, the current or former employer / professor or Head of the department in the university or college in which the candidate is studying or has studied / professionals in the relevant field of the candidates study / civil servants / other individuals of repute.


The candidates may pursue the integrated bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs directly after schooling or the bachelors and masters or the masters and doctoral degree programs after bachelor’s degree. They can get the relevant degrees together by pursuing only the thesis requirement of the highest degree applied for.


Admissions are not automatic and are subject to selection and approval of the NMU selection board. Merely being eligible, by meeting the stipulated eligibility criteria for admission in to a particular course, does not guarantee an admission in to the program.

Admissions to individual programs are done on the basis of the evaluation of the application material submitted by the candidate. If determined by the Dean, that the student’s current level of competency in pursuing the particular higher level of program, the candidate has applied to enrol for, is insufficient to pursue the program, the candidate may be denied admission in that program. However, he / she will be offered admission in to a lower level program of the same discipline, and advised accordingly.

For an example, a candidate, though eligible to apply directly for a master’s program, may be denied admission, if found to possess insufficient competency to pursue the program, as evidenced by evaluation of the application material, will be advised accordingly and offered admission in to the bachelor’s degree, in the same discipline. On successful completion of the same, the student may further proceed to the master’s program.


Bachelors / Masters / Doctoral Degree Programs


The purpose of our existence as an university is to allow the student to earn a degree on a much more flexible basis than traditional colleges and universities. The programs involve an integrated multimode learning approach, creating an unique synergy between theory and practice. The focus of the educational programs is to impart relevant knowledge and skills to all the candidates.


Independent study, done on your own, Independently and not in a classroom, lecture or a study hall. The responsibility of your education is shared between you and the Institution. You start when you are ready, continue at your own speed and finish at your convenience, neither being pushed nor held back by other students nor by time frames. Based on the course, you will utilize the resources of your own library and those of local public or nearby community or college libraries.

Study Materials

The students are provided with study materials written by experts in the field on Research methods. The self – study allows students to ensure that they have achieved the required level of knowledge in Research methods.


The time involved in achieving the student’s education goal will vary from individual to individual. The time frame will depend upon the students. The time is up to you; quickly or slowly, you set the pace – after all, and it is your education.

The time frame will depend upon the specific requirements regarding the program and effort the student desires to put into the program. For example, the student may meet all the degree requirements and receive the degrees thereupon in just three months or may study for a year, all depending upon the above mentioned criteria.


The quality of work done by student is recorded in the form of the letter mark or grade.

The grade indicates the degree of proficiency the student has achieved in the courses as determined by evaluation of the project / thesis / dissertation. Grades will be issued to the students and each student is graded according to individual achievement.


The final Degree Certificates are conferred with all rights, honours and privileges appertaining thereto, directly by NMU, USA, to the student upon meeting the Institutions Graduation requirements and the NMU examination committees’ satisfaction with the overall performance of the student and their financial obligations.


Academic Calendar

The nature of the institution allows for open enrolment, year round. The student’s program begins upon enrolment.

Placement Assistance

Since NMU programs are designed to fit the environment of the working professional, the institution does not maintain any type of placement assistance office. However, NMU provides 100% placement assistance. From time to time, NMU is asked to recommend students for placement. Should this occur, the information will be provided to the appropriate students. All candidates pursing the programs, on successful completion, will be eligible for international / national level placement assistance through the INTERNET (Their Profile / Bio – data will be posted on a website), for a nominal fee.


Informal grievance procedures

Grievers are encouraged by NMU to resolve grievances informally. Formal grievance procedures shall not be initiated unless informal efforts to resolve the grievance have been exhausted and griever has provided a written description of such efforts to NMU.

Formal grievance procedures

If a grievance has not been satisfactorily resolved by informal procedures, the griever may file a written grievance with the NMU Board, within five working days of receiving the answer at the earlier step. The Board shall make its decision within 30 days of the hearing and shall inform its decision to all concerned parties. The Board’s decision shall be final.


Students who wish to withdraw from their program must notify the institution in writing. Please not that there will be no refund of any form of fees, once admitted to the programs.


The application form may be filled and submitted any time to NMU admissions office.  

1. Application: The application form should be filled. A comprehensive application is comprised of all vocational, professional and academic education and detailed background. It is the philosophy of the institution that the evaluation of an applicant’s lifelong learning experience is the basis of the program. Thus, it is important to include anything that may be of value in this crucial evaluation, including military services, extensive travel, etc.

2. Transcripts: Copies of transcripts / certificates from previous attended institutions, colleges or universities may be provided for evaluation purposes.

3. Documentation Copies: In – service Training / Workshop / Seminars for evaluation purposes, it is important that the applicant list any and all workshop, training and seminars that have been attended in the courses of employment, services, or study in the field for which admission is sought. Documentation may take the form of a copy of certificate or a letter from a sponsoring employer, certifying attendance and a brief description of the training received.

4. Admissions Essay: Non-Graduate applicants must complete the ADMISSIONS ESSAY section without fail, to quality for admission.