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Post-Exam Schedule

Post-National Exam Schedule

AP U.S. History and AP English Language

Service Learning Project

“The American Dream”


4/26                Explanation of The American Dream project


5/7-10             U of M speaker one of the days


5/17                Writing technique


5/18                U of M field trip       


5/21-               Work on project



5/24                Must have a rough draft in class for peer review.


5/29                Final product due!!! This will be the one graded!


5/29-               Class work (classes NOT combined for this week)



6/4                   Projects returned, and corrections made in class.


6/5                   FINAL copy due and ready for presentation.

                        *Mandatory after school presentation beginning at 2:35.


6/6-                 Mystery days…



Last day of school June 7th!!!  Congrats!  You made it through your first AP class!!! J