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1885 Guide to the Albemarle Soapstone Company, 1885-1907 and 1919-1936 Guide to the Albemarle Soapstone Company, 1885-1907 and 1919-1936, Accession number 11396, a collection in The Special Collections Department Company Records repository (see URL link at bottom of title page); purchased from the Book Broker, Charlottesville, VA 10 April, 1998 (3,450 items in 7 Hollinger boxes, ca. 3 linear feet)  
1885-1907; 1919-1936 Guide to the Papers of the Albemarle Soapstone Company, 1885-1907 and 1919-1936 Guide to the Papers of the Albemarle Soapstone Company, 1885-1907 and 1919-1936; Accession number 11396 - A collection in the Special Collections Department University of Virginia Alderman Memorial Library Papers of the Albemarle Soapstone Company purchased from the Book Broker in Charlottesville on 10 April 1998. This collection consists of the business papers of the Albemarle Soapstone Company, Alberene, Virginia and its associate businesses, the N&A Railway Company and the Virginia Soapstone Company, Schuyler, Virginia. 
1899 Alberene Soapstone Company House, Architect: J. Wellesley Smith;div;and;;;;;; Alberene Soapstone Company Houses (4 images) Images associated with search result of Digital Collections at UVA Library; also published in The Architecture of Jefferson Country: Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia. 2000 by K. Edward Lay. 
1903 (see 2004 entry below for detail on the website with photo by John Gramling) Surviving Steam Locomotives in Virginia website 0-4-0T #2 Nelson & Albemarle engine (acquired as part of a merger) now in private collection (no photo) - belongs to Will Harris. Will Harris PO Box 146 Goshen, VA 24439; 540.997.5602 Fax: 540.997.0201; North Fork Lumber Company Rt.39 This engine was formerly in Marion, Virginia but is now in a private collection in Goshen, Virginia (Rts. 39 & 42) Must contact owner to arrange for visit. I've visited this engine and while without it's saddle tank, it is the only remaining steam engine having plied the rails of the N&A. 
1905 Guide to N&A Railway Company Papers 1905-1911 A Guide to the Nelson & Albemarle Railway Company Papers, 1905-1990 (1905-1911) Accession Number 10853 - A collection in the Special Collections Department University of Virginia Alderman Memorial Library Company Records repository (see URL link at bottom of title page); gift from Garth G. Groff used in research for his publications 
1906 McGraw Electric Railway Manual; American Stree Railway Investments and Buyers Manual Published by McGraw Publishing Company, New York, 1906. Issued in conjunction with the Street Railway Journal (a weekly publication). Annual information (see page 402) provided in January 1906 by corporation. Shows N&A as operating 4 1/4 miles of electric railway (Schuyler Railway). Note different officers of each company + use of 6 cars for the Schuyler Railway. 
1906 3rd Annual Report of the State Corporation Commission of Virginia for the year ending December 31, 1905. Compilations from returns of Canals, Railroads, Electric Railways and other Corporate Companies. Printed in Richmond, Virginia. pp344-355 including a history as required by the SCC. 
1907 Mineral Resources of Virginia by Thomas Leonard Watson, PhD, Professor of Economic Geology in the University of Virginia. Authorized by the Virginia Jamestown Exposition Commission, Lynchburg, VA, J. P. Bell Company, Printers and Binders. References on pp., 8, 28, 29, 36-38, 101, 102, 285-297. regarding soapstone Alberene, Schuyler with several photos of quarry elements. 
1908 The Pocket List of Railroad Officials, Volume 14, Issue 2, 3 (Serial #54/55) by The Railway Equipment & Publication Company 1908 The Pocket List of Railroad Officials provides a list of the railroad officials including the Nelson & Albemarl Railway (672c) on page 441 (issue 2) and page 443 (issue 3) plus a breakdown of the N&A's equipment on page 33 (both issues) with the same report: N&A 18 miles, 4:8 1/2gauge; No express connection; 3 locomotives, 16 freight cars, 2 passenger cars, 2 misc. cars; 20 total cars. 672c - Nelson & Albemarle Ry; 18 mls. 4:8 1/2g; 3 loco, 20 cars; New York Address, 223 East 23rd St.; D. J. Carroll, Pres. New York, NY; S. H. Purcell, Sec., Audt., Supt., Schuyler, Va.; Issue 2 Treasurer: E. O. Tompkins, Treas., New York, NY; Issue 3 Treasurer: Richard Flynn, Treas., New York, NY; H. L. Lane, Gen.Mgr., Esmont, Va.; W. L. Harrison, Pur.Agt., Alberene, Va; Issue 2 included: W. Wilheim, Mech.Supt., Schuyler, Va. who was not present in Issue 3; J. E. Gilbert, Supvr., Esmont, Va.  
1910 Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Collection Online Catalog: Esmont, Virginia 1910 circa photograph W. E. Burgess, Scottsville Photographer,brum,detr,swann,look,gottscho,pan,horyd,genthe,var,cai,cd,hh,yan,lomax,ils,prok,brhc,nclc,matpc,iucpub,tgmi,lamb,hec,krb:1:./temp/~pp_ckKp::displayType=1:m856sd=cph:m856sf=3c13129:@@@mdb=fsaall,brum,detr,swann,look,gottscho,pan,horyd,genthe,var,cai,cd,hh,yan,lomax,ils,prok,brhc,nclc,matpc,iucpub,tgmi,lamb,hec,krb LofC Reproduction #: LC-USZ62-113129 (B&W film copy negative) available in download JPEG version (86kb) or uncompressed archival TIFF version (12mb). W. E. Burgess photograph of Esmont, Virginia taken circa 1910 looking south through town with Esmont Depot to left of picture. Cropped view of this photograph used for postcard. 
1915-1920 Interstate Commerce Commission Bureau of Valuation, Engineering Section Valuation maps for the N&A Ry ARC Identifier 1489110; once at website, Click on PRINT and then Click on Full Details PRINT for complete details on holdings (4 maps 24x56); Per the National Archives, copy orders are custom orders and copy costs likely exceed $50/map. Authorized vendors to make copies are: Archival Research International/Double Delta Industries (; Do You Graphics (; and National Air Survey/Visual Image Presentations ( This file unit consists of blueprint maps for the Nelson & Albemarle Railroad in Virginia. Included are right-of-way and station maps showing engineering details such as track layout and the locations of nearby roads, buildings, and bridges. The maps are annotated with color markings, showing either new acquisition to the railroad or track/property no longer in use. Some of the maps include land acquisition information (grantor and grantee). 
1916 Worthpoint website showing N&A Stock Certificate value today. Worthpoint demonstrates the current value of 'paper' as it's known, in the marketplace such as this N&A Stock Certificate from 1916. You must be a member of Worthpoint to see what the item sold for at auction on eBay or other auction site. 
1917 Holsinger Photographic Collection, University of Virginia Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library View of the Alberene factory circa 1917 with a model T out front of the depot section and what appears to be a observation passenger car on the rail line. This photo among others around Alberene are availble for reproduction at reasonable rates. In addition, this photographic collection includes historical evidence of Albemarle County during the early 20th century. 
1917 Poor's Manual of the Railroads of the United States Footnote re: C&O: " * Includes 5.0 miles of Alberene branch, Esmont to Alberene, Va., leased to Nelson and Albemarle RR. owned but not operated by The Chesapeake and Ohio Ry. Co." Book reference page from Google Book Search, page 490; This URL takes a few seconds to load because it researchs on each load. 
1920 Sanborn Maps of Charlottesville - 1920 Sanborn Map 38 Sanborn Insurance Map of Schuyler Soapstone Works; Virginia Alberene Corporation Schuyler Plant Part I (20 miles S. of Charlottesville). NOTE: REPLACE URL ending (=1920) with (=1907) and that series is accessible. Link to Map (Note: This is map 38; also see maps 39A Virginia Alberene Corp Schuyler Plant Part II; 39b Gold Mine tenements; 40a Virginia Alberene Corp Warehouses and employee dwellings 22 miles S of C'ville; 41 VA Alberene Corp Warehouses and employee dwellings 14 miles S. of C'ville; 42a, b, c, d all 14 miles S of C'ville and including powerstaion along Rockfish River. 
1920-1963 The Guide to the American Short Line Railroad Association Records, 1912-1971; Collection #2945; Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library compiled in 1974 with publication in 2002 Nelson & Albemarle Railway Atlanta, Georgia; Nov 1 1920 to Jan 21 1963; Box 40, Folder 7-9 Contents: Reports, Correspondence 
1924 History of Virginia;;toc.depth=100;brand=default  History of Virginia, Volume VI, Virginia Biography by Special Staff of Writers, Illustrated, Issued in 6 Volumes, Publishers-The American Historical Societ, Chicago & New York, 1924. Early biographies of significant Virginians including Henry Lee Lane (includes photo and his signature) and brief description of his career and includes at least one error in the number of years associated with Alberene Stone Company.  
1927 Jeffrey Longwall Cutter used in Schuyler quarries to cut Soapstone (Image useful for modeling quarries) Vriginia Alberene Corporation - A longwall cutter made by the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio. Longwall cutters were powered by either 250 or 500 volt direct current motors. This machine was used to cut soapstone at a quarry owned by the Virginia Alberene Corporation, Schuyler, Virginia, 1927. Photograph by Fred A. Behmer for the Jeffrey Manufacturing Company, Collection #P251 in the Ohio Historical Society's Collection of OhioPix as Image Number AL01482. Copyright: Ohio Historical Society. Digital Download of the image in TIFF format 400dpi is $25. 
1928 Wikipedia Listing for ICC Valuations of N&A from 1928 ICC Report Interstate Commerce Commission reports: reports and decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 141 Digitized onto Google Books in 2005 
1929 USGS Covesville, VA Quadrangle Topographical Map found at Historical Maps (this one specifically covers about 97.5% of the Nelson & Albemarle rail line serving Warren, Esmont, Alberene, Damon, Schuyler, and on the way to Rockfish (which is shown on the 1946 Lovingston quadrangle). Once on this site, you can navigate to available adjacent maps or select maps from other areas (historical maps if shown, are free for use). USGS map in 4 manageable sections as jpeg images around 1.2 meg per image (NE, NW, SE, SW) best saved and viewed using Adobe Photoshop or other viewing software. Thanks to Mark Chase, I've added this to the "Find N&A on these Websites" collection.  
1929-1940 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps on Microfilm; available at the University of Virginia Library but provided by Chadwyck-Healy held by the Library of Congress for copyright. Sanborn Fire Insurance maps were made of major city areas in Virginia, a collection of over 5,000 maps. For this reference to the N&A, the microfilm is of the Scottsville city area but includes Damon, Alberene, and Schuyler. For 1907 and 1920 Sanborn maps, the University of Virginia Library has the original books issued and scans of these are available online at the library (see link for 1920 which also explains how to access 1907 versions). 
1930 Herbert Hutchinson Brimley Photograph Collection (1880-1977) as acquired from North Carolina Agriculture Department. On DVD * From the North Carolina State Archives comes this photograph collection which includes 2 photographs taken at Schuyler Soapstone Company in 1930. No copy of the photograph(s) is shown, however, thumbnails are available and prints can be purchased. The two photographs show: 1) View of soapstone quarry with access ladders, stairs, and cutaway from ground above; and 2) View of soapstone quarry with lots of people dressed formally as on a tour with building in background on hill. Contact information is shown on the site. Herbert Hutchinson Brimley (1861-1946) Copyrighted material. Box 26 Schuyler Soapstone Factory, 1930: Views of the Quarry at Schuyler Soapstone Company, Virginia, 1930. (2) (2n). 
1939 The WPA Guide to the Old Dominion (American Studies at UVA); This is the online version with 1939 content. Transportation Summary of Virginia; includes reference to N&A Ry. website from within  "The present group of railroads, owning some 7,242 miles of track, includes 18 separate companies ranging from the Nelson and Albemarle Railroad with 18 miles of track to those with an elaborate system." 
1939 Library of Virginia Digital Collection Photo of the soapstone operations used for the 1939 Worlds Fair and reproduced in JPEG format here. Digital Collection asset. 
1940 Scottsville Museum website Scottsville Museum referencing the movie, Virginia, which used the Howardsville, VA station renamed Fairville to host the Nelson & Albemarle train & crew in the opening scenes of the movie "Appearing in the film was a Nelson & Albemarle saddletanker that was taken over to the C&O line to Howardsville for the scene. The N&A Ry operated a line of about 17 miles that extended from Rockfish and ran eastward through Schuyler and Esmont up to Alberene, VA, the location of the old Alberene Stone Company". 
1940-1950 C&O Historical Society Web Search on Nelson & Albemarle and related words Photographs available from the C&O Historical Society website: COHS #'s 5439, 5440, 994, 12015, 4787, 5887, 5896, 7382, 3926, 2927. Information via search using Nelson Albemarle; Schuyler; Alberene; Warren; Esmont; Combine (looking for the several combines loaned to N&A) 
1940-1950 Don's Depot - Don's Rail Photos of Virginia Short Lines and Industrial Railroads Alberene Stone Company; Nelson & Albemarle Railway - "The N&A Ry operated a line of about 17 miles that extended from a connection with the Southern Railway at Rockfish, VA and ran eastward through Schuyler and Estmont (sp) up to Alberene, location of the old ASCo. The purpose of the N&A was to serve the soapstone quarries located in the Virginia counties of Nelson and Albemarle, and also the company plant at Schuyler." Photos of engines 11, 12, and 14 all taken at Schuyler, VA; Don notes that he offers photos, etc. on eBay as 'trinitydon'  
1941 DeGolyer Library at Southern Methodist University; #11 at Schuyler in 1941; #12 at Schuyler; #10 at Schuyler (print - as I own the original negative); and #9 which says at Schuyler, but looks as builders photo. Collection of Railroadiana collected by Everette L. DeGolyer, Sr. and expanded, donated by his son (Jr.) in 1974; Collection under both Alberene Stone Corp of Virginia (also Alterene Stone Corp) and Nelson & Albemarle Locomotive photographs in Accession / Call Number Ag1982.0232 (I believe there are 4 photographs, of which at least one is a purchased print) NOTE: Library is under construction effective June 1, 2015 and is expected to have reading room, etc. moved to new quarters but be under construction for a year. 
1941 Nelson & Albemarle open platform combine at Schuyler on 12 September 1941 Nelson & Albemarle open platform combine at Schuyler on 12 September 1941  Using to get to the noted URL. NOTE: Looks to be the same photo used in Railroad Magazine February 1951 issue reporting end of passenger service on the N&A. 
1944 Employee Timetable - John P. Vander Mass Railroadiana Collection (Note: The general collection also includes a digital photo group that does not have anything related to the N&A Ry, but is an interesting reference.) Series 1: Employee Timetables, 1886-1979; MsC 468. Oversized Box 3; Folder 1; Nelson & Albemarle Railway Co., 1944 (quantity of timetables: 1) One-page, mimeographed item, dated January 12, 1944 per Special Collections Department Manager at University of Iowa Libraries.  Photocopy available, scan costs $9.00 with DPI of 300 or 600 in JPEG or TIFF format. Complete form at for access to photocopy or scan. 
1947 Employee Timetable -;query=edward h. weber Nelson & Albemarle Railway Company Employee Time Table #38, however dated April 29, 1947 in the archives listing but obviously the August 29, 1947 timetable (same as in the entry). No digital image, though available from Hagley Museum & Archives at Manuscripts and Archives Department; Accession 2573, Box 7, Folder 7 Hagley Museum and Archives contact information; P. O. Box 3630, Wilmington, Delaware (DE) 19807; 302-658-2400; 
1947 Employee Timetable - website Nelson & Albemarle Railway Company Time Table No. 38 (Cancels Time Table No. 37) Effective August 29th, 1947 at 7 A.M. (from the Norm Anderson Collection as provided to the website). Be aware of Copyright Notice for this and other images on this website. Slightly skewed image of timetable 38 issued by C. G. Rothwell, G.M. with stops shown at Schuyler, Ruffin, Damon, Melvale, Guthrie, Esmont and then over the C&O from Esmont to Warren and Return 2 roundtrips daily. 
1948 Pursuits of War: The People of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia, in the Second World War;brand=default; By Gertrude Dana Parlier and Others; Edited by W. Edwin Hemphill, Albemarle County Historical Society c) 1948; References in Part 1, Section 6 - Manufacturing War Goods - Quarries; [22]Alberene Stone Corporation of Virginia, Ninth Annual Report ... for Year Ending December 31, 1944; report of Alberene Stone Corporation of Virginia to Virginia World War II History Commission, May 30, 1945; letter of Leonard H. Peterson, Secretary. Charlottesville and Albemarle County Chamber of Commerce, to Virginia Conservation Commission, July 1, 1944; Progress, Sept. 20, 22, 1944.  Page 89, "To top off the company's troubles, on September 18, 1944, a flash flood resulting from twenty inches of rainfall did over $45,000 worth of damage. Water rose ten and a half feet in the mill and over six feet in the commissary and offices. This was ten feet higher than it had ever before gone. Eight of the largest fills of the Nelson and Albemarle Railroad, a company subsidiary over which it shipped, were washed away, and service was interrupted for over two months. The flood also damaged the tracks of both the Chesapeake and Ohio and the Southern railways, particularly the roadbed of the latter in the southern part of the county." 
1951 ICC Valuation Report from AAR 1951 as The Rice Index Valuation Report Index - "N"; also docket noted at Nelson & Albemarle Railway Company; Docket 179, Volume 141I, Page 191. 
1957 Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History website Section 15 (2 of 3) listing of Depot Photographs; 8x10 prints from digital image, $25.00 for personal use. Southern Railway's Rockfish Depot in 1957 photo  
1961 Virginia Minerals: Division of Conservation & Economic Development Volume 7, Number 2 - April, 1961 see: Soapstone with photos at the Schuyler works NOTE: See for topo maps of Richmond area abandoned mines. 
1963 East Blue Ridge Model Railroad Page Modelers site with themes for his railroad - multiple photos of Shuyler mill, buildings, flatcar, etc. Model pages are quite good. 
1976 The Company House (drawings and data pages) Historic American Buildings Survey #VA-1032 House built in 1899,+State+Route+719,+Alberene,+Albemarle+County,+VA&displayType=1&maxCols=2 Company House, State Route 719, Aberene, Albemarly County, Virginia Drawings 
1985 Georgia Marble #3 (former N&A #3) in August 1985 photo by Jay Thomson of the Don Ross Collection Dons Depot of the Don Ross Group - a non-profit site - showing the Georgia Marble #3, 25-ton diesel locomotive built by GE in January 1953 as builders #31778. Photo by Jay Thomson and available in THUMBNAIL only in Image Repository. See enlarged size photo at Don's site 
1989 Roster List: C. E. Fisher Collection publication as part of the Lester L. Dickson Collection from 1937-1981 in Digital.Maag at Youngstown State University (added to the University's holdings in 1989). List of Rosters held by C. E. Fisher who would sell copies of the individual rosters for 10c per page. Nelson & Albemarle Railway listed as 2p. with no determination of when the roster was compiled except between 1937 and 1981. Unfortunately, this is the listing only. Still looking for the actual rosters that C. E. Fisher held and sent out on request. Download 'folder 39' as PDF to view listing in its entirety. 
1990 Railroad History 162 from the Railway & Locomotive History Society Railroad History 162 Spring 1990 reference to Alberene Stone (Vol. 162, pg. 79)  Information on where Alberene Stone (and thusly, N&A Ry) found in historical society bulletin. Use to get to main society page. 
1992 Virginia Minerals; Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy Volume 38, #4 November 1992 Interesting Uses of Stone In Virginia - Part I; by Harry W. Webb and Palmer C. Sweet; pg 5-6 describes Soapstone mining & uses; figure 15 shows Soapstone stove construction at Schuyler;  A List of Uses of Stone & Brick includes Albemarle County: Bridge supports of former N&A RR (SR800); supports of sawn blocks of Nelson Count soapstone; c1900; also references the use of material from Smith, J. W., 1961, Talc, soapstone, and related stone deposits in Virginia: Virginia Division of Mineral Resources Virginia Minerals, v. 7, n. 2, p. 1-8. 
1999 Schuyler, Virginia and Walton's Mountain User site visiting Schuyler (Walton Home) Photos of Rockfish and of the Southern Railway bridge over the Rockfish River 
2001 Hunter Travel Guides: The Virginia Handbook Hunter Publishing, Inc. Edison, NJ: ISBN 1-55650-853-0 Copyright 2001 (2nd Edition). A travel guide to Virginia including a history of Nelson County starting on page 318. A single paragraph references soapstone mining in Nelson County. "The eastern side of Nelson County prospered from the discovery of large deposits of soapstone - a metamorphic rock unaffected by acids and heat. It is used to build fireplaces, mantels and stoves. The Virginia Soapstone Company - it later became Alberene Soapstone Company - was founded in Schuyler and is today the New World Stone Company where talented sculptors produce fine works of art from soapstone." 
2004 Old Dominion Soapstone Corp. No. 2; Virginia Alberene Corp. #2; Alberene Stone Corp. #2 (Visited in July 2009 see photos in Image Repository on sidebar) The ONLY remaining steam locomotive having served on the Nelson & Albemarle Railway (remember: the host company owned all equipment except for a few cars). It was located on the grounds of the Virgina House Motel in Marion, Virginia for some time. Now owned by Wes Harris of North Fork Lumbar in Goshen, Virginia (private ownership and viewable by arrangement only - ask to see his Shay and then mention this one - he can be reached at 540-997-5602; Rt 39, Goshen VA). The Old Dominion Soapstone Corp. #2 at Damon, Virginia had this unit built by the Vulcan Iron Works in December 1909 as construction #1436, an 0-4-0T. It became owned by Virgina Alberene Corp as it's #2 upon merger in February of 1917. A corporate sale put int into Alberene Stone Corp. as it's #2 in April of 1935. It was sold to the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Co. at Piney River, Virginia in September 1940 before being sold in August 1945 to Leas & McVitty, Inc. of Buena Vista, Virginia. Sold to Charles Wason in 1962.  
2004 Abandoned Rails: The Nelson & Albemarle Railroad Information and photos by Mike Palmer: Inaccurate data rebutted by myself in comment 2009 3 photos by Mike Palmer taken in May 2004; detail from the stone quarry showing the 'rusted rail cars' which are actually used to move stone cuts from overhead crane into gang saw building that is pictured. My Father worked here in 1940 on the gang saws.... 
2005 Virginia 84 page report on Mineral and Fossil Fuel Production in Virginia Pg. 11, Figure 18: Earlier operations of a soapstone quarry in Nelson County (photograph by Palmer C. Sweet) 
2007 Historic American Buildings Survey: The Company House, 7 Nov 2007 Written Historical and Descriptive Data of The Company House in Alberene Virginia on Route 719. Reference: HABS#VA-1032 (see PDF # at 1042). "The building was originally designed to be intermittantly occupied by the president of the Albemarle Soapstone Company and guests of the company on visits to Alberene."; information partially gathered through interview of James Cox Joyner, Alberene, Virginia.  Description of the Ownership and Deeds on the property siting the Company House of the Alberene and other soapstone companies plus the general information on the architecture of the structure (i.e.: The Company House is a three story Victorian residence clad with soapstone on the first floor and staggered wooden shakes on the upper floors. It has a steep, multiply-pitched slate roof and a prominent eight sided turret. Columned porches with low pitched standing seam metal roofs stretch the length of the northwest and northeast facades...) and limited bibliography. 
2009 Howardsville - Some History Howardsville history, with notations on Schuyler My mother's family was from Howardsville.... 
2009 Wikipedia Wikipedia site for the N&A, however not populated yet.  Please join me in inviting Garth Groff to populate this entry at Wikipedia. 
2009 Forney Museum of Denver Colorado Display of collected automobiles, transporation items, and a UP Big Boy + a Forney 0-4-4T like those used on the Manhattan Railway. See the photo of the Forney on display at this museum in the Image Repository on the sidebar. Original Forney from Manhattan Railway was sold to used equipment dealer in Cape Charles, VA and thence to the N&A (2 of them). 
2009 Pursue Charlottesville website Activities section has Alberene Soapstone promo Includes photo from quarry operations; current activities at New World in Schuyler 
2010 Mississippi Railroads - Batesville Southwestern RR Website for Mississippi Railroads with the specific site for the Batesville Southwestern Railroad which purchased N&A #4 from SI&E as their #1939 in 1924 which had been converted from a 2-6-2T to an 0-6-0 with an 8-wheel tender. This website shows the unit as an 0-6-0T, but the SI&E Locomotives book from 2008 says the unit was converted according to their records. There have been no photographs found of this locomotive in 0-6-0 configuration of any kind. Included on this webpage is a photograph of #1939 evidently as received by SI&E from the Nelson & Albemarle as it was still a 2-6-2T. The converted locomotive as an 0-6-0 with 8-wheel tender and BSW's #9, a Heisler, were two primary locomotives in the Batesville & Southwestern RR roster at time of abandonment in 1931. 
2010 Blog: "Archie Robertson's long-ago world" posted Sunday, 19 September 2010 at 1:57pm by Fred Frailey Fred Frailey's blog in TRAINS magazine website about Archie Robertson's book, "Slow Train to Yesterday" and specifically mentioning and quoting Chapter 2 titled "Root, Hog, or Die" which features the Nelson & Albemarle Railway. Blog on Railroad Topics by Fred Frailey on the website. 
2010 Alberene Soapstone Company; America's Premier Soapstone, Quarried in the Heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains Website for the owners of the Schuyler facililty that continues it's existence today with the production of soapstone manufacturing for use in Kitchens, Baths, Architectural, Landscaping, and Artistic uses. Alberene in Virginia History, with Historic Photographs link. Great aerial view of Schuyler from NW that shows not only the shops, gang saw building where my Father worked, Depot & Company Store, but also the locomotive shop in background. Great for overall layout of possible model of the area. 
2013 The History of a Hauntingly Beautiful House by Heather Harris in The Rural Virginian May 8, 2013 An article on the Company House in Alberene, Virginia which provides most of it's history and key features. Built for $5,250 by Walters & Vandergrift Contractors & Builders of Charlottesville, Virginia. News feature article by Heather Harris with minor errors (such as listing the house as in Schuyler, which it is not). 
2013 Alberene Soapstone Company by Stacy B. Williams (Photos Courtesy of Alberene Soapstone) in the Slippery Rock Gazette: The Beacon of the Stone Industry Article describes the founding of the soapstone industry around Schuyler, VIrginia and how the company now provides only American quarried stone. Photos of current soapstone operations plus some historical photos also available from Publications noted in this website. Article on the History of Alberene Soapstone Company and it's resurgence in the industry. 
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