June 2012 Article

June 2012 Mini-Article
Editor's Note:  The May This Month's Article was posted on 31 May and will be active on the site until the July's This Month's Article will be published.  Please also enjoy the MAY This Month's Article ADD-ON advertisement shown to the right from the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway about the 'eyes of George Washington' surveying the Chessie Corridor served by the Chesapeake and Ohio Lines.  Take note of the terrain shown in the advertisement as it doesn't appear to be of any specific town and though west of Albemarle County, Virginia is mentioned, the town depicted in the advertisement is yet to be identified.  See the note in the May This Month's Article printed below about who was actually credited with the survey of the route for the Richmond & Allgehany Railroad.  Copyright 2012 - Nelson & Albemarle Railway Historical Society.