December 2014 Article

This Month's Article:  December 2014
Status on the new Nelson & Albemarle Railway Map

We've been busily creating the new Nelson & Albemarle Railway Map with the basic route completed and the associated terrain.  While the main line is getting it's final artistic touches, the side tracks and terminal track drawings that will be incorporated into the overall drawing are being finalized.  Most of these add-ons will be based on valuation maps from about 1917 plus anecdotal evidence of the period (which includes some photographs).  This is a tedious process, but the final drawing will be sized slightly smaller than originally planned:  22"x34" (ANSI 'D' size).  We scaled down the drawing to make it more easily reproduced and will offer copies available on the site starting in February.  As soon as the last piece of the drawing is completed, we'll start sharing segments of the drawing on the site for all to see.  The November This Month's Article remains intact below.
Note:  Correction was made to the ANSI specifications noted as the correct size is ANSI 'D' measured 22"x34".
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