Help comes in all sizes!
Jason Weldon, Rick Hallwood (WM),
Fernando Melo and Baby Melo

    April 29, 2017
  Sal Esposito, Jason Weldon, Fernando Melo

April 18, 2016
Sal Esposito, Chuck Albert, Dave Goodnow,
Brian Garrett, Nik Cuculovski

July 2015 Event

July 18th, 2015: (Community Involvement): Adopt-A-Mile cleanup day.  

Our great volunteers helped clean-up our assigned stretch of road.
We met at the lodge at 9:00 am on Saturday 07/18/15. 

03/23/2017 More Awards.......
          James Smith, Sal Esposito, Rick Hallwood (WM)

12/12/2015 - Signs of Official Sponsors
Bill McGloin, Rick Hallwood, Jason Weldon (WM), 
Jim Cook, Jerry Henry, Leon Roberts

Our First Clean-Up Day - April 18, 2015

From Left to right: W. Bro David Kilgore, Chaplain and District Deputy to the Grand Master; W. Bro Jason Weldon, WM; Bro Nik Cuculovski of Johnson City Lodge #486. Not pictured:Bro Greg Brennan, SD

On Saturday April 18, 2015 we cleaned up the area on Hurt Road beginning at the City of Smyrna line to the intersection of Concord Rd.  Then we cleaned Concord Rd to the end of the brick retention wall past the lodge.  In all, 4 large trash bags of garbage were taken off our streets and sidewalks this weekend!  Afterwards, we met the rest of the Adopt-A-Mile groups behind Brawner Hall for food and fellowship.  Thank you to all of the brethren that helped represent Nelms Lodge in our community!   

October 2015 Event


From Left to Right: EA Brother David Keyes, EA Brother Cory Crapes,
WM Jason Weldon, JW Rick Hallwood, DDGM David Kilgore

Wor Bro Jason Weldon accepts Award from Director Ann Kirk at the Keep Smyrna Beautiful awards banquet on

We have a Mile!

from W. Bro Jason Weldon

Great news Brethren!  We have a mile, and we will soon have an Adopt-A-Mile sign with Nelms Lodge #323 listed on it! 

For those who can attend our first event, please meet at the lodge at 9:00 am on Saturday 04/18/15.  I will go over safety instructions from Keep Smyrna Beautiful and Adopt-A-Mile, then we’ll clean our mile.  Afterwards, if you would like a free lunch, Keep Smyrna Beautiful will be providing it for all volunteers, as well as a free t-shirt.  Let me know if you have any questions!

We will soon have an Adopt-A-Mile sign with Nelms Lodge #323 listed on it! 

On Hurt Rd from the City of Smyrna line to the intersection with Concord Rd, then on Concord Rd past the lodge.  It’s not quite a mile, which means that we can also form a clean-up crew and work wherever we are needed (which we decide) if our section of road does not need cleaning.  

Does your neighborhood need cleaning?  Around your job/building?  Let me know, and we can get it done.  The area in front of the lodge is officially taken, but that group has more than a mile, so we can clean up our lodge/road area and still get credit for it. 

Mrs. Virginia was so appreciative to Nelms Lodge for wanting to make a difference in our community.  They just moved to a new office, which is about the size of a broom closet (at the new Recycling Center on Lake Road), so I volunteered Nelms Lodge as a meeting place for Keep Smyrna Beautiful / Adopt-A-Mile events once a quarter, as long as the lodge parking lot/dining room has not been previously rented or reserved.  She was overwhelmed and thought it was a great idea.  

Over 40 groups have adopted a mile in Smyrna.  This may be one more way to get our lodge known in our community.  Our efforts are sent to the Mayor, the Board of Directors, etc.
You all make me proud!  While I received very late notice for the event this weekend, a few of you are still able to help, which I am so grateful for.  But everyone who can’t attend is already doing something positive in our community; helping our brethren move to a new rehab facility, helping family members move into an assisted living facility, visiting family or relatives in the hospital, hosting fundraisers, etc.  

Thank you all for everything you’re doing in our community!  We really do make a difference!