Message from the East

Welcome to 2019


First, let me wish all of my Brothers and their families and friends a safe and prosperous Happy New Year. A new year filled with peace, love, good tidings and blessings for all. May God bless you, your family and friends and guide you through the coming year.

Next, let me say thanks to all who voted me to the East at our Annual Communication and what a great honor it is for me. I will do my best to live up to that honor and challenge.

Last year was a great year under Worshipful Brother Bill McGloin in so many ways. Our average regular attendance rose by 6. We raised two young men who we expect to be valuable and contributing members and have at least two more currently interested in petitioning the Lodge for the degrees with will add additional talent to the Lodge. We now have a group of officers who are very capable of leading the lodge for the next 8 to 10 years. This means that our Past Masters will be able to sit on the sidelines and enjoy our meetings and only be recycled through the chairs at their request and not out of necessity. Please see the List of Officers for 2019 on the Home page of our website.

Through much dedication and hard work this past year, the Officers of Nelms has continued its stellar work in Masonic ritual and that will continue. Nelms is one of the best Lodges in the state when it comes to the Masonic ritual and we plan to keep that lofty position. We will continue with our Degree Team and will be looking for others to bolster the current members. We will be conferring the Fellow Craft Degree at the third session of the Cobb County School of Instruction on Wednesday, January 16th. The Cobb County School of Instructions is held on every Wednesday in January and the first Wednesday in February. The school is held at Kennesaw 33 and I urge everyone to attend. I will assure you that you will learn something if you attend.

We were out in the community more and signed up a record number of people for the CHIP program. We are looking for more places to hold a CHIP program and solicit your input on any ideas you may have as to an agenda that would fit our needs. We will look into all possible locations.

We are also looking for recommendations for speakers, both inside and outside the Lodge for regular communication presentations. We will have a Table Lodge and a speaker that all will enjoy. WB Jason Weldon will present a talk on Lodge Etiquette at our first regular communication of the year. We are also planning on having an active shooter presentation which will be an open meeting for family and friends. The planning continues and you will be notified as these plans are set.

Although we had a great year, we had a couple of expensive set backs in having to replace the roof as well as one of the a/c units which resulted in the Lodge having to spend more money than usual. As reported at the Annual Communication, we had a larger outlay than we brought in. Unfortunately, such will possibly continue as our Lodge building continues to age. We will do our best to make up some of the losses with more fundraisers. As with all other agenda items, we solicit your ideas on any fundraisers we might be able to hold. We are discussing possible fundraising items that we will pursue and will keep you informed as they become definite.

As for my goals for the Lodge this year, I plan on staying true to the course that Worshipful Brother Bill set us on last year. We have seen a lot of improvement and I believe the course he set last year will result in more improvement of the Lodge in every way. We gained a lot of momentum last year and I want to see that continue and will work diligently to see that happens.

As Worshipful Brother Bill stated so eloquently in his letter to the Lodge last year, “in a nutshell, this is YOUR lodge. The Master is but a temporary servant with a year to do what he can. The brethren as a whole are really the heart and soul of the Lodge and your active involvement, input and assistance is needed.”

I look forward to serving you in the East and even more to seeing you at our meetings. Don’t forget to visit our web site often ( It is one of the best in the country and there is a wealth of information available there. Our webmaster updates it on a daily basis.

Fraternally Yours with Best Wishes for the New Year,

Jerry Henry
Worshipful Master 2019

Nelms Lodge #323

2019 Agenda

As of January 1, 2019

The Agenda will be updated regularly on our website: will be posted to the Trestle Board as dates are firmed

Known Dates:

· 1/14: Masonic Etiquette presented by WB Jason Weldon

· 5/13: DeMolay presentation – Flower Talk (not yet confirmed)

· 6/10: Grand Master Visitation and Flag Retirement Ceremony

· 6/26: 6th Annual Table Lodge – speaker WB Jamie Newsome

Dates Not Set but expected to be:

· Wool Hat Boys presentation on Masonry during the Civil War

· CHIP Presentation

· Active Shooter Presentation – Marietta Police Department

· Presentation on Current Gun Laws in GA –  (Communication following Active Shooter Presentation

· Rusty Brother Walk About by WB Dick Cunningham

· Presentation on the symbolism of the Past Master’s Jewel

Ongoing Items:

Readings from the Masonic Code to help our Brothers understand that we have more than one set of rules that we have to follow.