Message From The East


As we go into 2018, I wish you and your families a safe and Happy New Year. May God look out for you, protect and guide you in all that you do.

At the Annual Communication on December 11, the brethren of Nelms honored me with the highest accolade a Blue Lodge can bestow: I was selected to be Worshipful Master for 2018.

In looking at our Lodge, we see that we are very fortunate in many ways, especially with having a beautiful facility in which to conduct our labors. But we also share many of the same problems facing other lodges around the State: low attendance and decreasing membership. Indeed, I have heard of local area lodges surrendering their charters and others considering doing so.

The authority and responsibility may rest in the East, but the brain power is distributed about the Lodge. I solicit your help and ideas as to how we can improve both our meetings and our visibility so as to --hopefully-- attract worthy candidates.

Just so you know, we are not starting from zero. Since the election, I have gotten some things under way, but much more input from the brethren at large is needed.

I want to focus on two key issues: Education and Community Outreach.

The Education Committee has been tasked with researching available resources and presenting talks which will further our Masonic knowledge. There are already a number in planning. If you have a subject you wish to see researched and presented, let us know. You may make the presentation or help someone else do it.

We also seek presenters from outside the Lodge to bring knowledge to us that may or may not be Masonic in nature, but will be of interest to the Craft. See the list in the agenda below - I welcome any and all suggestions.

As to Community Outreach, we need to make our presence more visible in the surrounding area and we urgently seek help in that regard. We will likely do at least one CHIP event in a forum which will attract a lot of local interest - so that's a start. Again, your ideas are sought and welcomed.

In a nutshell, this is YOUR lodge. The Master is but a temporary servant with a year to do what he can. The brethren as a whole are really the heart and soul of the Lodge and your active involvement, input and assistance is needed.

Finally, please attend the Cobb County School of Instruction, held the first 6 Wednesdays of the year at Kennesaw 33. Even if you do not want to hold a White or Blue Card, you will find it interesting (even fun) and will have a chance to see brethren from around the county. Your Nelms Degree Team will be exemplifying the EA degree on January 10th; come help us out by offering support from the sidelines!!

I look forward to seeing you at our meetings. Please browse our web site often (; there is a wealth of information there and it is updated on almost a daily basis.

With warmest Fraternal Wishes for the New Year;

Bill McGloin


Worshipful Master 2018



As of January 1, 2018

The agenda is updated regularly on our website; firm dates will be on the Trestle Board

Known Dates:
  • ·         1/08 : Speaker  on Low 12; Memorial Club; Perpetual Membership; and more.
  • ·         5/14 : (Not yet confirmed): DeMolay presentation focused on Mothers.
  • ·         6/11 : Grand Master's visitation; Flag Retirement Ceremony conducted by Boy Scouts; more tba
  •       6/27 : 5th Annual Table Lodge. Speaker tba

Dates not set but presenters agreed:

  • ·         Alzheimer's Talk (open meeting)
  • ·         Shrine presentation by DDGM Rusty Cordle
  • ·         York Rite presentation by W. Bro Keith Bryant
  • ·         Scottish Rite presentation ( speaker to be confirmed after Jan.1)
  • ·         Wool Hat Boys presentation on Masonry during the Civil War
  • ·         Rusty Brother presentation by W. Bro. Dick Cunningham
  • ·         CHIP presentation by W. Bro Cabot Rohrer , State Director for CHIP

Under discussion:

  • ·         Possible presentation by a meteorologist from the Weather Channel;


  • ·       A series of presentations on the Ancient Landmarks (there are 25, so they will be done a few at a time)
  • ·       Masonic Code readings will be presented as topics of interest may arise.