Nellymoser provides a market-leading Next Generation Mobile Media Platform and scalable, rich mobile media solutions for mass market network connected mobile devices. Utilizing our solutions, our clients deliver interactive and personalized mobile experiences that include video, music, ringtones, graphics and games, and make it easy and fun for consumers to search, discover, preview, purchase, share and enjoy mobile content directly from their mobile devices.

The company was founded by a team of experienced professionals who recognized that the power of mass mobile media comes from touching one individual at a time, and developed solutions specifically designed to allow companies reach the broadest base of mobile media consumers in a highly personalized, unique way.

Each of the founders brought a rich background in specialized mobile media technology and a shared passion for creating the best mobile consumer experiences possible.

Nellymoser's expertise began by delivering high - quality, networked - multimedia to mass market consumer products. To date, the core technologies upon which the ASAO Next Generation Mobile Media Platform is based have shipped on over 750 million consumer devices/products worldwide.

Nellymoser provides the technology and creativity that powers rich interactive mobile media, paying careful attention to best practices and business processes that help customers create real, market-differentiating value.