Issue Detail

Still no good way to decode it yet....

Recording in Flash

  1. FlashPlayer get audio from mic
  2. FlashPlayer encode the audio stream in NellyMoser Codec
  3. FlashPlayer send the encoded stream to Flash Media Server(RTMP Server)
  4. Flash Media Server record the stream to flv file

Mic -> FlashPlayer(NellyMoser Encoder) ->Network -> Flash Media Server(RTMP Server)

Issue Description

As the encoding was done in client side, and flash player don't allow you to choose the codec using, so we have to no way to record audio stream in other codec. But many times, we found we need to extract audio from recorded flv for usage other than playing back in FlashPlayer, then the issue arised.

So summary up, the problem all comes from client side, whatever RTMP server(Flash Media Server or Red5) you are using, you still have the same problem. As long as FlashPlayer is encoding it in NellyMoser codec, and disallowing you to switch codec, we have no hope to solve this problem.



now this site is providing a online service based on this software.


Adobe Lab

they promised to provide one, but I heard their attempt was stopped by their legal department...